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Suzy Chan

We chat with freelance graphic designer Suzy Chan about her time at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in China compared...

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We chat with DesignStudio London’s Design Director, Elise about her time at the magical Fabrica in Italy, the vibrant design...

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Design Lad

Design Lad is a London-based 3D Illustrator & Animation Director specialising in 3D character & environment design. In 2016 he...

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We recently caught up with SPIN Creative Director Tony Brook for a quick Q&A about his studies, first jobs, graduate...

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Justyna Procak

A big congrats to Justyna Procak (@justprocak), one of our 30 TDK Awards winners’ for 2019. A Shillington College graduate...

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Egle Zvirblyte

We may have been fan-girling over Egle Zvirblyte for the majority of 2017.  This power babe is big on optimism, girl power...

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Middle Boop

Gordon Reid who’s 2017 has been mental—doing talks around Europe and also heading over to the US— shares with us...

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Juliette van Rhyn

A big congrats to Juliette van Rhyn (@juliettevanrhyn), one of our 30 TDK Awards winners’ for 2020. A Shillington graduate...

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Smart Money People Limited
Graphic Designer
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ARC UK Technologies
Freelance Graphic Designer: Creative large format graphic compositions– WFH
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Junior Designer
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Junior Graphic Designer
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