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TDK Awards

YOU’RE IN LUCK! Our TDK Awards for 2019 are currently open Nov 11th 2019 – Jan 15th 2020.

If you’re finding it hard to get your name out there or your portfolio in front of the right people, this is for you. We have 10 of the top designers from around the world, looking over your portfolios and choosing three each, making 30 winners going for 2020.

We want to show your work off to all the industry heavyweights and the world, via a full TDK interview with you, social media shouts outs promoting you, winners blog post sent to every single studio we’ve ever met (that’s a lot), plus with everything TDK, its FREE to enter.

We’re looking for portfolios of Graphic Design, Typography, Illustration and Digital/Product design.

What you win!

Get your work in front of 10 industry heavyweights

Full TDK interview

Social media shouts outs promoting you to over 1 million people each week!

Winners blog post sent to all studios (hello job offers)

An opportunity to give a guest lecture at your local #TDKtuesdays event


Must have studied design at any point during 2018 or 2019. If you are self taught GO YOU!, but you must only be 2 years into your career. All current students and graduates globally open to apply, there is no age or location restrictions.


Annie Atkins, Dublin. @annieatkins

Paul McKie, Autumn Studio, Brisbane.

James Gilmore, DesignStudio, Sydney. @__designstudio__

Daniel Martínez, Futura, Mexico City. @byfutura

Craig Parsons, Parsons Branding, Cape Town. @parsonsbranding

Lester Cruz, Serious Studio, Manila. @seriousstudio

Chris Ballasiotes, Siotes, Seattle. @siotes

Tess Robinson, Smack Bang Designs, Sydney. @smackbangdesigns

Tony Brook, Spin, London. @spin_studio

Hagit Kauffman, Wix, Tel Aviv. @wix

Submissions (please read this carefully):

Please submit ONE landscape pdf, including your resume (up to 2 pages) and your work (up to 5 pages) together as one file (7 pages max). We don’t care how many projects you include over the 5 pages (one over 5 pages, 5 over 5 pages, or 20 over 5 pages), just pretend you are applying for a job and you want to impress the person looking. We make it limited to 5 pages because the judges have so many to go though, so please send a shortened version of what you would normally present. It MUST be named firstname_surname.pdf so we can match it with your details.

About our Awards poster illustrator:

Jan Kruse runs Hamburg-based design and illustration studio Human Empire, and together with his wife Wiebke the affiliated Human Empire Shop, a store and online shop for design related products. The studio combines illustration, vintage and contemporary design and started by desgining more than 100 record covers for a Berlin based music label a decade ago; nowadays Jan works for a wide range of clients such as Google, Facebook, and New York Times Magazines.

About our Awards sponsor:

We're excited to run our 7th free annual TDK awards which we can only pull off due to the generosity of our sponsors. This year we're working with Float – the number one resource management tool for design agencies! If you're struggling to map out your team's time, schedule resources and keep track of project budgets, this is 100% for you. Made by creatives, for creatives.

How to enter:

1. Fill out this form HERE

Deadline: Jan 15th 2020, 5pm AEST.

Announce winners right here: February 10th 2020

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Q: The 5 pages pdf, does it need to be under the same theme? Or each pages can contain totally different work? Regards, Linda

A: Its exactly like applying for a job - just send us your best work! No theme required. We just cap it to 5 pages because the judges have to look through them all.

Q: Part of my portfolio is in video format, can I embed a link to vimeo into my PDF? Or would you prefer stills of the video? Regards, Jordie

A: A short one, if you feel it adds to your work. Don’t forget the judges have to look through a bunch, so short and sweet!

Q: I know our resume is supposed to be included in the landscape PDF—should the resume itself also be in landscape orientation? Best, Katherine

A: Please design it to be landscape too so the judges can read it easily!

Q: Is it also alright if my folio includes both graphic design and digital product design work? Thanks so much! Best, Katherine

A: Yes please, we want to see digital work!

Q: Within the 5 work pages, does that mean only 5 separate projects or 5 pages of projects? Thanks! Andrea

A: 5 pages TOTAL so 1 project or 20 projects, we don’t mind. We just wanted to cap it because the judges will be looking through so many.

Q: Does the submitted work have to be student work only? Can personal projects be submitted? Thanks! Andrea

A: Oooooh we love personal projects! Treat this as applying for a job - show us your best work - student briefs, client work, personal projects… all welcome.

Q: Will portfolios be discounted if they are not in the landscape format? Mine takes an unconventional shape and I am not sure whether it will be disregarded due to this! Thank you. Bella

A: Mmmmm sounds interesting! The reason we make it landscape is for the judges benefit (viewing lots at once on a screen) but if they can view it easily on screen, submit away. Thanks!

Q: I can't seem to find any requirements regarding the dimensions of the portfolio? Does each page have to be a certain width or length? (11x8.5 or A1 Landscape?) Thanks! Jason

A: Hi Jason! We make it landscape orientation so the judges can flick though them easily on a screen. As long as it fits without having to scroll to see your work, then we aren’t fussy on dimensions. It’s the work that counts!

Q: Should the submitted pdf be A3 or A4 size, optimally? Cheers, Bo

A: Hi Bo! We make it landscape orientation so the judges can flick though them easily on a screen. As long as it fits without having to scroll to see your work, then we aren’t fussy on dimensions. It’s the work that counts!

Q: I’m just wondering if you will be viewing them through Adobe Acrobat? Because I am intending to have some interactive elements within the page and it seems like Acrobat is the only one that supports it fully. Thanks, Luke

A: Yes, Adobe Acrobat for PDF’s. Thanks Luke!

Q: Should we put a cover page on the portfolio work to a bio and if so is this included in our 5 pages? Thanks, Ashlee

A: No thank you. Ideally each one will be 7 pages. We received 60+ page folios last year and our poor judges have to look through 1000+ of them, so we just capped your work to 5 pages. Chuck your resume on there so we can see what you’ve been up to and you’re good to go. If you want to have a short bio on your resume that’s fine! But what really matters is the quality of your work.

Q: Just wanted to know if we should be adding a brief description on the projects included in the PDF folio? Wanted to clarify since I understand the judges will have a lot of content to go through! Thanks, Pamela.

A: Its like applying for a job, if you were sending it to a studio you would want some information so they know what they are looking at. Suggestions include but is not limited to: Project name/title, client/student/self initiated brief, month/year you did it and a short description (max 4 sentences).

Q: Are you expecting a short rationale on each piece of work submitted or purely imagery? Cheers, Poppy

A: Hey Poppy, same as applying for a job via email. Tell the story of your work : ) See above

Any other questions email humans @ and we’ll keep this updated.


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