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  • We get the pleasure of chatting with Chris Flack from Strategy. Chris is Design Director in the Christchurch office, he shared with us what Strategy looks for in a graduate, one of his favou…

Via: Christchurch

Joakim Drescher

  • Graphic Novelist and artist, Joakim Drescher, wooed us in with his idiosyncratic style. Growing up in an artistic household had him exploring creative avenues from a young age—from art direc…

Via: Copenhagen


  • We caught up with Saar Friedman Co-Founder & Chief Creative Director of OPEN. Saar filled us in on his journey to where he is now—and wow what a journey! Starting off by designing flyers for…

Via: Tel Aviv

Itamar Makover

  • Drawing inspiration from M.C Escher when he was young, we can see where Itamar thrives in surrealism illustration. Itmar's found his balance by working part-time for a studio where working w…

Via: Tel Aviv

Edan Esinly

  • Edan Esinly—fresh out of school has some serious talent! Originally from Israel and after studying at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem—Edans now managed to get his foot in the doo…

Via: Tel Aviv

Ori Toor

  • Drawing Taz and Road Runner as a youngin Ori Toor recalls some of his early stints into creativity and takes us to where he is now. If you've opened up illustrator recently you may recognise…

Via: Tel Aviv

Studio Koniak

  • We caught up with total boss ladies Nurit Koniak and Natasha Boguslavsky of Studio Koniak, who've filled us in on the things that they love about design! There's also some top tips for stude…

Via: Tel Aviv

Cécile Gariepy

  • We love how Cécile Gariepy's illustrations put a little smile on our faces 😂 Cécile started out on a completly different career path and started doodling to make herself laugh—and we're so g…

Via: Montreal

Raymond Biesinger

  • We're loving Raymond Biesinger's illustrative style. Raymond's style has evolved from ethics, habits, family history, his experiences, etc., rather than taking from other design/illustrated …

Via: Montreal

Nouvelle Administration

  • As a designer that's not a fan of routine Cathrine D'Amours co-founded to keep her on her toes! Continually wanting to push boundaries and evolve towards new ways …

Via: Montreal


  • Founded in 1991, lg2 today is the largest independent creative agency in Canada. We caught up with founding partner and creative director—Claude Auchu. For the past 25 years of obsessing wit…

Via: Montreal

Made by Radio

  • We were incredibly lucky to catch Byron Meiring—Creative Director and co-founder of Made by Radio and hear about a typical day in the studio, all the awesome peeps he works with as well as s…

Via: Cape Town

Gizem Vural

  • Starting off by studying graphic design, Gizem Vural, soon discovered she prefered to solve problems with illustration rather than design. Read on to hear about how Gizem discovered her abst…

Via: Istanbul

Atelier MAT

  • The work of Mehmet Ali Türkmen—of Atelier MAT—oozes with playfulness! Mehmet fills us in on how he was lead to design as well as some disasters along the way and some greaaaaaaat tips to get…

Via: Istanbul

Tamer Koseli

  • Fulled by caffeine Tamer Koseli gets up to some marvelous things 😀Tamer tells us all about how he drew logos all over the place when he was a kid to now pushing his personal project of drawi…

Via: Istanbul

Fikra Design Studio

  • Neighbouring Dubai in the city of Sharjah, we were so lucky to catch up with Salem Al-Qassimi founder of Fikra Designs (and also Fikra Campus—keep an eye on what's happening there!). Read on…

Via: Dubai

Daniel Ting Chong

  • Daniel Ting Chong had the guts at the ripe age of 22, to kick off his independent career of awesomeness. From branding to illustration to film making Daniels covered it! Read on to hear what…

Via: Cape Town

Aurora Creative Studio

  • Starting to freelance while she studied—Lize-Marie Dreyer, the Owner, Illustrator and Designer at Aurora Creative Studio—built her portfolio and developed a following on Behance! Keeping Liz…

Via: Cape Town

Studio Muti

  • At Studio Muti you'll find a team of awesome illustrators, designers and letterers 🙂All this was started back in the day by Clinton Campbell, Minй Jonker and Brad Hodgskiss who among other t…

Via: Cape Town

Stefan Pelikan

  • A big congrats to Stefan Pelikan, one of our 30 TDK Awards’ winners for 2018. A Penn State University student from New York, their work was chosen by Verònica from Hey Studio: “In Stefan por…

Via: NYC

Jenny Liu

  • A big congrats to A big congrats to Jenny Liu, one of our 30 TDK Awards’ winners for 2018. A Billy Blue College of Design student from Sydney, their work was chosen by Johan from Brand Broth…

Via: Sydney

Dang Vo

  • A big congrats to Dang Vo, one of our 30 TDK Awards’ winners for 2018. A UQAM university graduate from Montreal (and now in Washington D.C.), his work was chosen by Tad from Carpenter Collec…

Via: Montreal

Daragh J. Anderson

  • A big congrats to Daragh J. Anderson, one of our 30 TDK Awards’ winners for 2018. A Central Saint Martins student from London, their work was chosen by Dem from Ustwo: “I found myself drawn …

Via: London

Kathleen Crosby

  • A big congrats to Kathleen Crosby, one of our 30 TDK Awards’ winners for 2018. A Shillington graduate from New York, her work was chosen by Johan from Brand Brothers: “Kathleen shows interes…

Via: NYC


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