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  • We first found Parsons via our #TDKpeepshow tag, everything they posted caught our eye. So on our #TDKafrica trip we just HAD to swing by the office and meet them! We had a chat with Chief C…

Via: Cape Town

Clémence Gouy

  • We chat with Nantes based Graphic Designer & Illustrator Clémence Gouy about her studies at École de Communication Visuelle of Nantes, creating her own coloring books as a child, and she rea…

Via: Paris

Nick Barclay

  • We chat with Bondi based Designer / Art Director Nick Barclay about designing for Italian brand Piquaudro, the importance of proof-reading your work, and the lovely emails from lovely people…

Via: Sydney


  • It's been a few years now since we met Michael Ellsworth, Corey Gutch and Gabriel Stromberg of Civilization on our #TDKusa trip. The studio has such heart and soul, focusing on working with …

Via: Seattle

Braulio Amado

  • We recently got to hang out with hilarious Graphic Designer/Illustrator Braulio Amado, throw back a few Malibu shots and talk all about creating stuff, drawing every day and the mania of New…

Via: NYC

Deane Featonby

  • Originally a Perth boy, Deane moved to Brisbane to complete his design studies and just graduated this month. He's a great designer, but his passion lies in typography. You can find Deane at…

Via: Brisbane

Semi Permanent 2018

  • Each year we're lucky enough to partner up with our favourite conferences around the world, and again this year our kind friends in Sydney at Semi Permanent gave us 3 VIP conferences passes …

Via: Sydney

Frankie Ratford

  • After 8.5 years running TDK, we chat to our own founder Frankie Ratford about all things design, the 52 Books project, her self-imposed SIX YEAR roadtrip (6 months left to go) and her brand …

Via: Tasmania

Wolff Olins

  • We sat down with Design Director & Design Coach, Stephen McGilvray from Wolff Olins to talk about his roles within the company and his journey to them. Throw in a little bit of motorbike obs…

Via: London

Joakim Drescher

  • Graphic Novelist and artist, Joakim Drescher, wooed us in with his idiosyncratic style. Growing up in an artistic household had him exploring creative avenues from a young age—from art direc…

Via: Copenhagen

Gabby Lord

  • We chat with our #TDKeurope van designer Gabby Lord about empowering and respecting women in the industry, typesetting in Japanese, plus she shares her backlog of face-palm moments 🤦🏼‍♀️

Via: Berlin


  • We recently had a good ol' chat with Partner & Head of Design at Airlift Pete McClelland. We discuss the role of traditional graphic design skills within the digital world, working with clie…

Via: San Francisco

Malik Thomas

  • We chat with Graphic Designer & Illustrator Malik Thomas about reaching out to clients, receiving a Creativepool award and making Birthday cards in Microsoft Paint. Plus a little slap on the…

Via: Liverpool


  • We chat with DesignStudio London's Design Director, Elise about her time at the magical Fabrica in Italy, the vibrant design scene in London and how Graphic Design (as a discipline) is dead.

Via: London


  • We recently had a chat with Fagerström Creative Director Puli Arancibia. Puli gives us a lovely insight into her university years and her day-to-day at Fagerström, plus we discuss internship…

Via: Madrid

The Tits

  • Scottish creative duo Kirsten Murray and Kat Summers (aka. The Tits) started working together on side projects as a way of finding their way back to working for the love of design. At the be…

Via: Edinburgh


  • We chat with COLLINS Designer Caroline Bagley and Associate Designer Sohee Kim about Brutalist Websites, Summer internships, their first projects at COLLINS and their top 5 design crushes!

Via: San Francisco


  • Hayley O'Connor surely has one of the coolest jobs on the Gold Coast - Senior Graphic Designer at Billabong. We had a chat about her typical day-to-day, including a casual trip to Malibu or …

Via: Gold Coast


  • We chat with Foundry's main man Mat Colley, who shares with us his fave books & blogs, including Steal like an artist; his rebellious pre-teen years aka. stealing screen-printing supplies (t…

Via: Canberra


  • Kate Moloney is one half of Harmonica, based in Gold Coast/Oslo. She's a cyclist, likes fishing and is really into design strategy. Asking lots of questions is her game! Read on to hear Kate…

Via: Oslo

Craig Black

  • We talk football (soccer), mental health and of course typography with one of the loveliest humans you'll ever meet - Craig Black. The TDK team have been lucky enough to hang out with Craig …

Via: Glasgow

Benjamin Vincent

  • We chat with freelance designer and recent JMC graduate Benjamin Vincent about life before and after study. Ben discusses good clients, developing your style, and his plans to read more and …

Via: Sydney

Tom Carey

  • We recently had a chat with Creative Director at Landor (Sydney) Tom Carey! He shared the ups and downs throughout his career, including that time he emailed nearly 100 studios and only got …

Via: Sydney

TDC Wrap-up

  • Each year we're lucky enough to partner up with our favourite conferences around the world, and again this year our kind friends in Brisbane at The Design Conference gave us a 2-day pass to …

Via: Brisbane


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