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Each year we're lucky enough to partner up with our favourite conferences around the world, and this year our kind friends on the Gold Coast at Typism gave us a full conference pass to give away via Instagram. Our winner this year was Scott Milton! Scott gives us the lowdown on this years event and his favourite highlights and takeaways from each speaker.

Being new to Brissy, and Australia in general I’ve been getting involved with as many events I can get my hand on, so I was super stoked to be heading to this years Typism conference with the TDK crew.

Held at the instagram-worthy HOTA on the Gold Coast, it was a great venue to listen to 8 great speakers talk about everything type, and their experiences they’ve had along the way.

Coffee in hand the day quickly got underway with Wanissa and Barbara Enright kicking things off in the morning. Both women talked about finding what it is you love to do and creating a career around it; “Bite off more than you can chew… and chew like crazy” was a piece of advice Barbara gave during her talk which a lot of speakers echoed throughout the day.


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Everyone that took to the stage highlighted the importance of checking in with yourself, and to remember why you started creating. Kelly Spencer’s talk told us to remember that being an artist is being yourself all of the time, which is so true. Often, we can get hooked on the number of likes and followers we get on instagram, but like Karin Newport told us we don’t have to be the best to be successful. Hell yeah!

The event’s final speaker was Ryan Hamrick who’s talk, is probably best described as a poem of sorts. Ryan described is career and where he’s at now through poem, so I thought this is how I should write up his talk;

Ryan’s talk was filled with history, some of which was once a mystery. He spoke about his love for type, where it began, and soon showed us all that he was quite the showman.


The Design Kids reviews Typism ’18 work-4
The Design Kids reviews Typism ’18 work-4

If I had to pick a favourite speaker, it would be Lachin Philp. His talk got very real and this it made what he said feel more relatable. I loved hearing his step by step guide for how not to enter the world of freelance because it resonated so much with where I’m at in my own career, from quitting your job without no savings, to not letting the insecurities and stress take over. He also left me with two of the most memorable quote; “Mo $$$, less problems”,and one that summarise much of what this years speakers taught that “Smooth seas don’t make the sailor”.

I’m so in awe of everyone that spoke at this event, and everyone I met along the day. Thanks to TDK for giving me the opportunity to attend and for Dominique for creating and organising this unique conference.

Here’s to next years event! ✌️

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The Design Kids reviews Typism ’18 work-5

Where to find Typism ’18 online.

Website: typismconference.com

Instagram: @typism

Twitter: @TypismCommunity

Facebook: /typism

*All images via Alexandra Mendoza Media - Thanks Alex!

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