TDK Awards ’16 Winners!

We are super excited to announce our top students and graduates for 2017! We invited 9 industry leaders across Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada to judge the work. They were told to pretend they were hiring for a junior role and to pick 3 people they would get in for an interview based on all the applications (we received over 600 of them!). Also for the first time ever, we are including the US and Canada in our entries: Welcome! The result is the hottest talent for 2017, so if you are hiring, read on! Full interviews with each winner will follow in January.

… And here are our 2017 winners in alphabetical order, congrats guys! Full interviews coming soon!

Adam Ridgeway (work above)

Instagram: @adam_ridgeway
New York, USA
Parsons School of Design

Sam’s pick: I look for design thinkers. A designer who can establish a nice or idea, then look to extend that idea in a clever or unusual way without forcing anything. I enjoyed his ‘Plots' and 'Extrapolation Factory’ projects as they demonstrate an understanding of typesetting. He’s able to do the small things right. Optimal line lengths, very few widows and orphans and an understanding of a grid were all evident. Adam has a clear and well designed portfolio – nothing too tricky, a short and easy to read description for each project and a simple but well designed structure.

The Design Kids reviews TDK Awards ’16 Winners! work-2

Andrea Cenon (work above)

Instagram: @andreacenon 
Los Angeles, USA
Cal State LA

Daniel’s pick: Andrea’s portfolio stood out to me due to the wide flexibility and control displayed over a range of varying mediums and styles. Her control and use of colour, typography and hand lettering is impressive for someone who’s so fresh to the game.

The Design Kids reviews TDK Awards ’16 Winners! work-4
The Design Kids reviews TDK Awards ’16 Winners! work-4

Andrew Webb (work above)

Instagram: @_andywebb
Melbourne, Australia
Swinburne University

Chris’s pick: I immediately gravitated to the simplicity of how Andrew presented his work. The flow and design of a folio is just as important as the work. Andrew’s is clear, neutral and easy to navigate. The work is strong too. Clear, clever ideas, no set style and diversity of skill sets on show. He also demonstrates an interest in writing and verbal communication. A rare an attractive trait.

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Camille Charbonneau (work above)

Instagram: @lacharbonne
Montreal, Canada
Universite du Quebec à Montreal

Armin’s pick: I'll first admit that I am a sucker for the Memphis-style particle pattern that makes recurring appearances in Camille's work but beyond that I really like how she can adapt her style to either abstract or figurative compositions while retaining a common thread. I also appreciate how she can adapt the illustrations to layouts and projects so they are not just stand-alone creations. Bonus: nice handling of type and layout.

Danny Rutledge (work above)

Instagram: @danny_rutledge
New York, USA
University of Florida

Daniel’s pick: Danny’s work displays an eye catching range of ideas and experimentation across a number of different projects. The varying mediums and real project photos was good to see from the overused and abused photoshop mockups studies tend to rely on. Also props for running his own business, shows good initiative and management skills.

Farah Saad  (work above)

Instagram: @farahsaad
Toronto, Canada
University of Toronto

Tim’s pick: I like that all of Farah’s work seems very different. I like that it’s conceptual. I like that it’s experimental. I like that it’s unapologetic.

Hope Lumsden-Barry (work above)

Instagram: @hope.lumsden.barry 
Melbourne, Australia
RMIT University

Chris’s pick: I loved the energy of Hope’s work. It is so far from anything I am able to do. It’s unexpected and shows a strong understanding of pace, tension and playfulness. Strong use of colour and typography on display too.

Hyeona Hannah Ahn (work above)

Instagram: @hyeonaahn 
New York, USA
School of Visual Arts

Phoebe’s pick: Hyeona’s work immediately stands out from the other submissions. The simplicity is striking and combines a subtle playfulness that is a treat to discover. Hyeona’s compositions are strong; balancing attention to detail with an understanding of the core design principles needed to convey a message effectively.

Jens Marklund (work above)

Instagram: @jens.marklund 
New York, USA
School of Visual Arts

Sam’s pick: I enjoyed Jens’s portfolio based on his ability to create a well-structured piece of design. He clearly thinks about the ways in which he can express a singular idea. He doesn't over decorate the design, leaving as much room as possible for the idea to shine. His typography is strong and looks to have a good technical ability. His work isn’t over-produced and follows a great underlying structure.

Joel Mechielsen 

Instagram: @joelmechielsen
Brisbane, Australia
Design College of Australia

Dawn’s pick: Joel’s work includes a really nice range of styles and approaches. I especially enjoyed the system for Resort 2016 that allowed each encounter with the campaign to feel like it’s own brand experience connected through color and type. This is exactly the type of work and breadth we look for when hiring.

Joseph Dennis (work above)

Instagram: @josephdennis_ 
Perth, Australia
Curtin University

Armin’s pick: Joseph has a great handle on color, typography, and composition. The Riverbend packaging is something I could easily getting, like, thirty thousand appreciations on Behance. There is a great "finished" quality to all of his work.

Lachlan Mason (work above)

Melbourne, Australia
Swinburne University of Technology

Dan’s pick: Pattern, illustration, photography and type - this guy has it all nailed. His adept handling of typographic structure shows a crafted curiosity, without the pull of clichéd design trends.

Lucas Nelson (work above)

Instagram: @Lnels0
Kansas City, Usa
University of Kansas

Dawn’s pick: While I do greatly enjoy each project in their individual state, what surprised me by Lucas’s work was just how wide of a variety of styles and types of work he was presenting. I know when we look for new designers, stylistic range is one of the most important aspects we seek out. The only thing missing from the bunch was something digital.

Luke Hoban (work above)

Instagram: @tangydesign 
Wellington, NZ 
Massey University, College of Creative Arts

Phoebe’s pick: Luke’s work comes across as sophisticated and thoughtful. He has a strong sense of typography that is unique and distinguished. I appreciate his minimalist sensibility which is executed with confidence and style.


Coming soon!

Mel Yeo (work above)

Instagram: @mel.yeo
Melbourne, Australia
Monash University

Dan’s pick: A strong command of form across a variety of subject matter, all using the qualities of the medium to further enrich the message. Beautiful work.

Michelle Sharkey

Brisbane, Australia 
Shillington College

Dawn’s pick: Absolutely loved the LGBTQ Mardi Gras campaign. As a member of that community myself, I’ve seen so many rainbows I could barf. This felt minty fresh and on point. Sure there are a lot of squiggles in the design-o-sphere these days, but given the candy concept, I think they work perfectly in this context. Nicely done Michelle!

Nick Adam (work above)

Instagram: @nickadam
Chicago, USA

Dan’s pick: Nick has an awareness of the impact of typography, from its construction to its culture. And that apostrophe T ligature is so strong I forgive the golden ratio overlay further down.

Reuben Mergard (work above)

Instagram: @reubenmergard 
Brisbane, Australia 
Shillington College

Tim’s pick: Reuben’s ability to combine strong formal and type skills with a good sense of “making” is refreshing.

Rose Leahy (work above)

Instagram: @rose_leahy
Melbourne, Australia
Swinburne University

Tim’s pick: Everything Rose designs gives off a serious sense of style, elegance, attitude, and confidence. That’s not easy to do.

Sahra Martin (work above)

Instagram: @type_eleven
Melbourne, Australia
Swinburne University

Phoebe’s pick: Sahra’s folio immediately strikes me as commercially viable. Her work has a maturity and refinement that shows experience and an innate sense of taste.  I appreciate the diversity of her work, it spans from playful and bold to refined and minimal, showing that she is able to adapt her work to client briefs and needs.

Stephen Grace (work above)

Instagram: @_sgrace 
Sydney, Australia
Shillington College

Sam’s pick: Stephen’s work was conceptualised and executed in a similar fashion to the work that we produce. It’s evident that he establishes a strong idea relevant to the topic or brief and pairs it with a strong visual concept that isn’t over-produced or forced. He shows a good level of craft and is able to produce well-structured design. His 'H is for Horror' and 'The Big Unpeeling’ projects in particular showcase key elements I look for in a design project – the ability to inform, delight and surprise. Stephen has a well designed portfolio that’s simple, isn’t over-designed and professional.

Tom Muntisov (work above)

Instagram: @muntyhoops
Melbourne, Australia
Swinburne University of Technology

Chris’s pick: Tom’s folio was definitely one of the stranger ones. And I mean that as a compliment. While it’s almost entirely devoted to basketball based projects they are handled with such invention and craft that you can’t help but be drawn in. The layout, illustration and type skills are top notch and the conceptual ideas as impressive, especially the NBA x VHS project.

Triana Thompson (work above)

Instagram: @trianathompson
Kansas City, USA
University of Kansas

Armin’s pick: Of all the portfolios I saw, Triana's was the one where I thought: this is someone whose ready to be given a desk at a design firm and start knocking out great ideas and executions. The KU Design Week project has a great vibrancy and strength that's hard to achieve and the flour tortilla packaging is the ultimate artisanal product in the vellum packaging and thread-sewn closing… it's just so nice and over the top in a good way.

Veronica Tran (work above)

Instagram: @nveronicatran
Melbourne, Australia
RMIT University

Daniel’s pick: The well executed minimalistic style of Veronica’s work feels considered and engaging. Solid work.

And the winner of the Australian internship at Hoyne is...

Devon McGowan

Instagram: @devon.claire
Kansas City, USA
University of Kansas

The Design Kids reviews TDK Awards ’16 Winners! work-48
The Design Kids reviews TDK Awards ’16 Winners! work-48

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