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No idea what a Typographer does everyday? Instead of trying to summarise job titles which vary, we thought we’d let the interviews do the talking! Read on to hear more about a day in the life of a Typographer.

Kevin Rooi

Via Kevin Rooi

We caught up with Dutch designer and typography enthusiast Kevin Rooi! Kevin chatted to us about his experience with his...

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Hitesh Malaviya (Rocky)

Via Hitesh Malaviya (Rocky)

We chat with Baroda based Type Designer, Hitesh Malaviya (aka Rocky)! Hitesh talks to us all about his early love...

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Future Fonts

Via Portland

We chat with Co-Founder and Designer at Future Fonts, Lizy Gershenzon, about some of the type designers on the platform,...

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Fabian Maier-Bode

Via Berlin

Graphic designer and “trial version” type designer Fabian Maier-Bode caught up with us to chat about the gift and burden...

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George Bone

Via Bristol

We caught up with George Bone, graphic designer and creator of Frankenstein fonts. He chats to us about finding ideas...

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Klim Type Foundry

Via Wellington

Klim Type Foundry is closer to a shop than a traditional service-based agency, as Kris Sowersby, Director & Lead Typeface...

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David Rindlisbacher

Via Bern

Graphic and Type Designer David Rindlisbacher grew up in Lisbon, interned in Berlin and is currently based in Bern completing...

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Hardal Studio

Via Istanbul

We chat with Graphic & Type Designer, Fatih Hardal of Hardal Studio‘s about working on projects with Sagmeister & Walsh...

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Daniel Brokstad


Somewhere in between Norway and New York City, we caught up with graphic designer, illustrator, and typographer Daniel Brokstad. He...

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Sophie Elinor

Via Newcastle

The line up for Typism so far this year is killer (as usual)! Kate Pullen, Larry Stammers, Moya Carroll; the...

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Via Tel Aviv

Avraham Cornfeld’s father taught him the art of Hebrew calligraphy in his teens, and after 6 intense years of study...

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Via Buenos Aires

Transitioning from creating type as a hobby to a full blown type foundry collective is a pretty awesome feat as...

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Jordan Metcalf Studio

Via Portland

We recently caught up with letterer/designer Jordan Metcalf who recently made the move from South Africa to Portland. He shares...

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Via Rio de Janeiro

Plau Founder and Creative Director, Rodrigo Saiani, seeks out people who take the opportunity to learn something new through what...

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Via London

We LOVE the experimental type these guys get into, so we reached out to OMSE to give us the lowdown...

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Via Bogotá

Yei (the oldest and the funny one), Seb (the middle and detail orientated one) and Fed (the youngest and the...

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Kelly Spencer

Via Wellington

We’re so excited for another year of Typism, as usual, the line up is full of amazing type and lettering...

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Aoi Yamaguchi

Via San Francisco

We met Japanese calligrapher Aoi Yamaguchi at -ing creatives in early 2018 and were truly mesmerized by her work. We...

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Craig Black

Via Glasgow

We talk football (soccer), mental health and of course typography with one of the loveliest humans you’ll ever meet –...

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Kief Type Foundry

Via Cairo

April 2008 when the activists in Egypt called for a general strike all over Egypt Mohamed Gaber—founder and type designer...

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Via Johannesburg

Andrew Footit is the man behind Arkitype—he splits his time between client work and building up the type foundry. Self...

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