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No idea what a Lecturer does everyday? Instead of trying to summarise job titles which vary, we thought we’d let the interviews do the talking! Read on to hear more about a day in the life of a Lecturer.


Via Foundry

Starting her career in the Architectural, Tourism and community sectors, Natasha had the opportunity to work with an impressive list...

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Belu Design

Via Tasmania

We got the chance to chat with Bel Ramos of Belu Design, who is full of great advice for designers...

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Oddds Studio

Via Singapore

We chat with Sarah Tan, Co-Founder of Oddds Studio and Lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic, about the mix of international clients...

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Cecilia Melli

Via Milan

We chat with Art Director, Brand Strategy Consultant & University professor Cecilia Melli about her fave books, podcasts & blogs...

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Slawek Michalt Studio

Via Berlin

We can’t decide what we love more — Slawek Michalt‘s playful poster designs or his elegant editorial designs. We chat...

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Isabel Lucena

Via Lisbon

We chat with Tutor and Graphic Designer Isabel Lucena about all things education and the handmade. Isabel jumped from city...

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Studio Theolin

Via Stockholm

Crazy Cat lady OR make things happen lady! Jenny Theolin, both an educator and an owner of Studio Theolin  really knows...

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We chat to Illustrator, Designer and Shillington Lecturer (and all-round amazing lady), Shanti Sparrow about everything from the global financial...

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Sean Adams

Via Los Angeles

Sean Adams is ‘sending the elevator back down’ – he quit his successful branding agency to run the graduate program...

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Carla McKee

Via Melbourne

Graphic Designer and Swinburne University sessional tutor, Carla McKee, steals some advice from Dory (you know, Nemo’s mate), tells us...

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Andrew Hoffman

Via Denver

It’s safe to say that Andrew Hoffman is a busy man, though he believes strongly in a good work-life balance. He tells...

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Otis College of Art & Design

Via Los Angeles

We have a NEW CATEGORY guys! LECTURERS! First up is a educator from L.A. in Communication Arts at Otis College of Art and Design – Prof....

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Via Brisbane

Brenton Craig – Part-time teacher at the Brisbane Shillington College and Creative Director at Autumn tells us some pretty funny / naughty things he has...

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City College

Via San Diego

Sean Bacon, lecturer at City College in San Diego tells us about growing up in Silicon Valley , his design crushes...

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Arzu Ozkal

Via San Diego

Today we chat with Turkish-born, San Diego-based designer and professor. She talks about the ethics of photoshopping hard hats, master-killing...

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