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No idea what a Designer does everyday? Instead of trying to summarise job titles which vary, we thought we’d let the interviews do the talking! Read on to hear more about a day in the life of a Designer.

Shu-Yu Hsiao

Via Shu-Yu Hsiao

We recently caught up with the amazing Shu-Yu Hsiao of Character in New York City! Shu is originally from Taiwan...

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Alishka Shah

Via Alishka Shah

We recently caught up with Mumbai based designer Alishka Shah! Alishka talked to us about her love for the colourful...

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Dev Valladares

Via Dev Valladares

We caught up with Indian designer Dev Valladares. Dev talked to us about the importance of implementing love into your...

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Shivani Chügh

Via Shivani Chügh

We caught up with New Delhi based designer Shivani Chügh. Shivani talked to us about her unplanned journey through three...

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Enakshi Borse

Via Enakshi Borse

We caught up with New Delhi based designer Enakshi Borse. Enakshi talked to us about her feelings on working from...

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Pranav Bhardwaj

Via Pranav Bhardwaj

We caught up with Delhi based designer Pranav. Pranav talked to us all about his love for design and sketching...

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Sijya Gupta

Via Sijya Gupta

We caught up with Delhi based Designer, Sijya Gupta. Sijya chatted to us all about the struggles and joys of...

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Ananya Khaitan

Via Ananya Khaitan

Ananya Khaitan is a Freelance Graphic Designer from India who’s passionate about book design, brand identity design, typography, illustration, and...

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Angel Salot

Via Angel Salot

We caught up with Indian Freelance Designer, Angel, and talked all about how she unexpectedly fell in love with design...

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Anshul Patria

Via Anshul Patria

We caught up with Creative Lead and 3D Designer Anshul Patria based in Mumbai. Anshul talked to us all about...

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Experience Lab and the Brazilian flair

Via Experience Lab and the Brazilian flair

Will Nenes is passionate about creating visual narratives for different media. It can be a visual identity, packaging, editorials, interfaces,...

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Design that Empowers

Via Design that Empowers

Her full name is Juliette Mothe, but everyone calls her Julu! She is a French Afro-Caribbean graphic designer and illustrator....

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Behind Adobe’s exciting Million-dollar fund for creatives.

Via Behind Adobe’s exciting Million-dollar fund for creatives.

We get it. As creatives, inspiration, creativity and courage have never really been the thing holding us back. Everything and...

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Via Rio de Janeiro

Designer Julia B Aguair self describes as a hands-on prototyper, highly curious, on-going amateur with a multidisciplinary approach. We caught...

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Yanwen Hang

Via Los Angeles

Graphic designer Yanwen Hang recently had an honest chat with us about idealism vs. commercialism, plus she shares with us...

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Via Madrid

We chatted to Marco Cofrades Dávila, graphic designer at Erretres, about the growing design culture in Spain. He talks to...

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Strategy Creative

Via Christchurch

Stefan Downs, designer at Christchurch arm of Strategy Creative, caught up with us and shared how he’s living up to...

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Hella Studio

Via Bern

Selina Gerber is a graphic designer working at Hella Studio, a new creative agency based in Burgdorf, Switzerland. She loves...

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We Are Social

Via London

We chat with We Are Social Senior Designer Georgie Yiannoullou about quitting her A-Levels with no idea what to do...

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Via Amsterdam

Get your note-taking material ready by friends because this is 100% note-worthy content. We chat with Pentagram alumni Vincent Meertens...

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Via Seoul

We caught up with Hwayoung Lee and Sang Joon, designers at BOWYER, who started out by establishing their own studio...

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