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Digital Creative Director

No idea what a Digital Creative Director does everyday? Instead of trying to summarise job titles which vary, we thought we’d let the interviews do the talking! Read on to hear more about a day in the life of a Digital Creative Director.

Talia Cotton


Talia Cotton is a graphic designer specializing in the intersection of brand identities and technology. We chat about why she...

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Via Cairo

Baianat is a multidisciplinary cultural company that operates in the fields of design, business, code, and technology. We had the...

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Javier Fuentes

Via Boston

Javier Fuentes is multi-disciplinary Designer and Art Director, focus on Branding and Web Design. He gives us a hilarious story...

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Via Brisbane

We caught up with Outfit Product Designer, Jahl Herapath and chat about how automation is changing the role of the...

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Josh Dring

Via Manchester

We got hooked on Digital Designer Josh Dring‘s work via the #TDKpeepshow tag, where we found his ‘poster a day’...

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Milan Moffatt lives in Brooklyn, NY and leads all things design at SuperHi — a global online community of creative...

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Caleb Beyers

Via Vancouver

The self taught creative Caleb Beyers literally started out digging ditches… these days Caleb has a range of interesting creative passion projects...

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Joshua Kramer Design

Via Austin

Joshua Kramer tells us about the rise of UX and UI in Austin, Texas. To slow down and plan out what you want...

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BASIC Agency

Via San Diego

TDK chat to Matt Faulk of BASIC Agency. From BMX to brand strategy, Matt talks us through his design journey, shares some...

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Via Wellington

If you’re interested in digital, these guys are worth a solid look Springload, with offices in both Auckland and Wellington. We chat with...

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Mike Dekker

Via Sydney

Mike Dekker is one of those annoying guys who’s seems to be good at everything. Not only does he have...

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