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No idea what a Animator does everyday? Instead of trying to summarise job titles which vary, we thought we’d let the interviews do the talking! Read on to hear more about a day in the life of a Animator.

Ibrahim Zemheri

Via Istanbul

We recently caught up with designer and animator Ibrahim Zemheri, who’s created animations for Facebook, Apple and LinkedIn. We chat...

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Tom Campion

Via Dublin

Graphic and motion designer Tom Campion chatted to us recently about how he turned his video editing hobby into a...

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Paula Garcia

Via Helsinki

Paula Garcia is an Illustrator, Animator, and Co-founder of Bocardo Multimedia. Paula talks us through her typical workday and the...

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Hashmukh Kerai

Via London

We recently had a chat with Motion Designer & 3D Illustrator, Hashmukh Kerai about the ups and downs of freelancing—and...

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Jiaqi Wang

Via Los Angeles

Jiaqi Wang takes us through her wonderful and adventurous life, from studying communications in China to animation in London, before...

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Jake Williams

Via Boston

Meet Jake Williams, Boston based Illustrator, Animator, and Director. Jake gives us an insight on how he went from graduating...

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Design Lad

Via London

Design Lad is a London-based 3D Illustrator & Animation Director specialising in 3D character & environment design. In 2016 he...

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