Sick of your tiny circle of design friends? Want to meet creative directors but no idea where? Need something to do on a Tuesday night? Introducing #TDKtuesdays; local events held first Tuesday of the month in your city (11 per year, not January), run by your city host below.

Join Amsterdam's community
Hey I'm Shaci partner in a branding agency, design lecture and an illustrator based in Amsterdam. Since I was a visual design student, I have organized many design communities, exhibitions, and festivals. Over the past five years, I have also taught visual design, illustration, and product design at different colleges, as well as organizing workshops for young visual designers. I try to bring real life experience to the classroom and focus on helping my students find their own design style and process. My goal is to help them develop a strong portfolio and the confidence to reach their full potential. Starting #TDKtuesdays Amsterdam will help foster an environment of creative learning and open dialogue in Amsterdam. I am sure this will provide an inspiring platform to highlight the talent of local designers. I believe that the design kids design community has the potential to make a positive impact in the design world. 🙂With me in TDK Amsterdam is the talented designer Sheila Guo With a background in branding and advertising, Sheila now works as Senior Designer at Total Design. She’s passionate about all things experiential🙂 IG - @office.sheilaguo


Join Austin's community
Howdy! I'm Jake, holding the design torch in Austin, Texas. And we're using it to light fires with TDK Austin! Design comes in many forms here, from branding to new products, AI systems and rockets that launch in our backyard! This community is for designers of graphics, apps, inventions, posters, experiences, and more who believe there's a better way! Austin has so many friendly, powerful studios changing the world, and the more you meet, the more you'll be inspired! Won't you come and join us?


Join Barcelona's community
Hola! I'm Lucie (She/Her), an Aussie freelance designer based here, in the crazy, wonderful city of Barcelona! I love branding work, bright colours & funky animations. You'll find me wandering the streets of Eixample, admiring the architecture, or lost in Gracia eating one too many croquetas. TDK has been such a shining light throughout my design life. It was a huge support during my final years at school, through uni & the TDK crew still help me score new clients today. It's an epic community that you can really lean on for information & inspiration. I'm so excited to be part of the Barcelona TDK community & meet some new creatives! (Apologies in advance for my shocking Spanish/Catalan!)


Join Berlin's community
Hey I'm Saloni an Indian UX Designer and Researcher based in Berlin. I am passionate about child-centred design with hint of play and learn. I work at a startup supporting mental health for children and their families through audio-first content. Outside work, you will find me illustrating aliens and dwelling in my paranormal world. I also like to travel, write, create zines and art with a purpose.


Join Brighton's community
Hi there - I'm Mieke! I'm passionate about bright colours, working with small businesses and building strong client relationships! I love shapes, patterns and drawing little humans! I studied at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, and am currently doing my Masters through Falmouth University. I would love TDK Brighton to be a space for creatives to get together, share their stories and creative knowledge and building connections! If you're looking for creative support, making friends with like-minded people catch up with #TDKtuesdays this is the space for you!


Join Brisbane's community
Hello! I’m Tyler, a multi-disciplinary designer working full-time at Driven Agency. I work across illustration, packaging, animation, video editing, photography, and branding. As a curious human in love with never sitting still, I’m motivated by learning new ways to expand my creative toolkit and share something meaningful with like-minded creatives. Stoked to be a part of the TDK family and meet all of you!


Join Canberra's community
Hey everyone :) My name is Josephine and I am one of the hosts for TDK in Canberra. I am a graphic and web designer who loves sketching (badly) and technology. I am studying part-time while working as a trainee designer in a government department and I am so excited to be apart of The Design Kids. I have a love for design and technology so I love the opportunity to share that with others.


Join Cape Town's community
Hello! My name is Louise. I’m from Bellville, South Africa and I'm an independent designer, maker, storyteller, observer, artist and plainly put: a creative. I studied Visual Communication Design at Stellenbosch University. When I was 18, I decided to go for it based on the evidence that I’ve liked illustrating for a very long time. Ever since, my motives to be a creative have evolved considerably: I pay a large amount of interpretation to our environment(s) and I believe that critical thinking + sustainability can (read: should) exist in everything. I’ve found out my creative voice comes from my sense of humor and one thing I know for sure (and with joy), is that to be a good storyteller + image maker you have to tap into the beautiful, shareful, prismatic learning pool that is collaboration. I adore people and details and colours and boldness, and I try to learn something new every day. Come along to #TDKtuesdays to be inspired by, share in and contribute to a space where creative ideas, philosophies and dreams can be celebrated.


Join Copenhagen's community
Greetings! I'm Endre, but you can call me Andy. I take pride in being a versatile designer with a diverse background spanning various design sub-fields. From my roots in pre-press, I evolved into a graphic designer and even took on the role of an educator. My journey led me to learn UI/UX design in Denmark. As an Adobe Certified Expert, I find joy in engaging with fellow enthusiasts. Connecting with professional peers and forging fresh connections is what truly excites me. Let's come together and share our passions in the world of design.


Join Dubai's community
Hola! Shehil is here, god is a designer, he designed me(don't ask for proof pls) so am love to design things, and am eager to level up my design skills and share the knowledge which I grab from others, identity design is my favourite domain and packaging designs give me the motivation to learn 3D in depth. I studied Computer science engineering but I understand that am a designer when am looking in to mirror so I started freelancing from college now my old clients are my well-wishers. Now am working in Dubai as an identity/branding designer, and I would love to be part of an open-minded, creative, Comitative, Helping community to grow together. Can't wait for #TDKtuesdays


Join Dublin's community
Heya, I’m Louise, a multi-disciplinary designer at Zero-G and a lover of all things art and design. TDK events were hugely important to me at the start of my design career. I would like to give back what I got from TDK: a sense of community, peer support and a love of life long learning. If you're a student, looking to break into the industry, or a designer looking for like-minded people to connect with, #TDKtuesdays is for you!


Join Istanbul's community
Hey there! I'm Salih (he/him), a designer fueled by an unwavering passion for creativity in all its forms. I strive to constantly improve and reflect on my work, furthermore I am always up for new challenges. I love cafe-hopping, visiting galleries and taking candid photos of streets during my work days. Now, as a city host for The Design Kids in Istanbul, I'm on a mission to bridge the gap between aspiring designers, experienced professionals, and the entire spectrum of creative souls in our vibrant city. Whether you're a design student, an industry pro, or just curious, let's connect, share experiences, and strengthen our design community. #TDKtuesdays


Join London's community
Hiya! I'm India, a Senior Designer working in design and advertising in London. I work in the gaming industry, but as a team our backgrounds stretch across advertising, graphic design, UX design and illustration. We have contacts spread around the London scene so come say hi if you want to learn something weird, cool or cultural!


Join Manila's community
Hi, I'm Regina! I'm a 20-something-year-old self-proclaimed multidisciplinary designer from Manila, Philippines. I have a degree in Architecture, but have love and appreciation for designing other than just buildings. Aside from practicing architecture and doing freelance design work, I involve myself in creating events specifically to support local artists in Manila, whether they be visual, poetry or music. I hope to see you at #TDKtuesdays!


Join Melbourne's community
Hey everyone! I'm Simon, a graphic designer and IT engineer. Originally from Auckland but now living it up in Melbourne. I love being part of TDK and the greater design community here, and always excited to meet new people to talk about design and other random topics. Definitely say hi if you see me around!


Join Milan's community
Hello! I'm Cecilia, I am an independent Art Director, Visual Designer and Brand Strategist consultant based in Milan. I specialize in creation and brand identities, from brands, companies, and design studios as well. Beyond that, I'm a true paper lover, literally obsessed with typography and always curious about what's on in my city. Come along to #TDKtuesdays and spread the word among your friends, your studio mates and your fav people!


Join Montreal's community
Hi there! I'm Renée (she/her) I studied design at Shillington NYC in 2019 and have been obsessed ever since! I am a branding specialist, packaging connoisseur, and doting dog mom to an English Bulldog named Rosemary. I have agency, corporate AND in-house experience as a designer and love talking about how each facet has made me who I am today. Something I relish in every city I've lived in is how different the design scene is, and how important it is to let that influence your work! Community amongst creatives is super important, and something I love to foster amongst grads. If this is part of your ethos, #TDKtuesdays is for you!


Join Newcastle's community
Hello! I'm Sheri, a Canadian that moved to Newy in 2021. I LOVE colour, crafts, and tiny cute things that have no purpose. When I was in design school, I was involved in TDK Vancouver and met some inspiring and creative people that helped me learn about the industry. When I moved to Australia, I reached out to TDK Newcastle to meet some similarly creative people, and I have made some great friends! Being fresh out of school or new to a city is a daunting place to find yourself, which I have first-hand experience in, so I am stoked to plan some fun and inviting events for like-minded people in the city!


Join NYC's community
Hey there! I'm Nikol (she/her), and I'm deeply passionate about design and art. With four years of design experience under my belt, I'm all about aesthetics, books and soaking up inspiration at museums and bookstores. Having studied design right here in the vibrant city of NYC, I understand the unique challenges that accompany the creative journey. Becoming part of a thriving creative community and finding endless inspiration through design is absolutely incredible. That's why I'm beyond excited to be co-hosting #TDKtuesdays right here in the heart of NYC. Everyone has a unique design journey, and I believe in the power of sharing experiences to strengthen our creative community. Whether you're a student looking to start your career in design, a creative eager to connect with fellow creatives, or a seasoned industry pro seeking like-minded folks to catch up with, #TDKtuesdays is the perfect place for you! Let's come together and celebrate our shared love for design.


Join Perth's community
Hey there! I’m Ross, a Senior Digital Designer, proud dog dad and weekend rollerblading warrior. While I've worked in a variety of design agency and in-house roles throughout my career, these days I'm a full-time freelancer consulting for some of Australia's top agencies. As the Perth TDK host, I'm excited to be able to educate and connect with up-and-coming designers and get more involved with our thriving Perth design scene. If you're interested in becoming a better designer and enjoy networking with likeminded creatives, come find our group on Facebook or hit me up for a chat on LinkedIn or Instagram. Talk soon!


Join Rio de Janeiro's community
Oie, pessoal! My name is Luiz (he/him), I'm a graphic designer born in Rio and raised around my chaotic (yet functional) mind =) I've changed carriers 2 times before I get into the design area and now I feel I got the right choice! I love to connect with new people and to talk about travels, volleyball and Drag Queens! Actually, my husband and my therapist says I'm kind of obsessed about it... and I'm in peace with that! lol I'm really excited to make the "Carioca" design scene pop up in the world, so let's get together at #TDKtuesdays!


Join Rotterdam's community
Hey! I’m Jack (he/him/any). My favourite ligature is the ampersand. Like the ampersand I enjoy joining things together and I would be much less without the things around me. Additionally I like the plus symbol: because if you plus one and I plus one, there’s a party right there.


Join Sydney's community
Ahoy! I'm Sarah and I'm a digital designer and web developer currently based on the Central Coast. I love social enterprise, picking people's brains, being a bit of a derp, learning new things and especially being part of the TDK family. The amazing people the come along each month to our #TDKtuesdays Sydney events inspire me in endless ways!


Join Wellington's community
Kia ora! I'm Calum (he/him), a product designer with a passion for creating things that people enjoy using. I love music, techy gizmos and figuring out how stuff works. I originally studied photography at Massey University and web design at Yoobee before I landed an internship at PaperKite, where I now work in a permanent role. As a creative professional, it's SO helpful (and fun!) to meet up with other designers and get a sense for just how many different avenues your practice can take you. #TDKtuesdays are an amazing opportunity to connect with the wider design community; you never know what sort of great opportunities might come out of it!


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