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Qualification: The Foundry Pathway - Foundational Cert III (The Wild), Specialised Diploma (Graphic Design, Digital Media & UX, Film & Photography, Interior Design), underpinned by an Associate Degree of Applied Design

Campuses: Hobart, Launceston

If you want to take your design education seriously – and get seriously inspired at the same time – then we’d recommend a Foundry Pathway, in beautiful Tasmania. Take two years to deep-dive into design while taking a creative retreat and earning a set of qualifications that represent you as a creative. Foundry is fast becoming the go-to for industry-relevant creative education in Australia, with its national guest speaker program, The Wild program, annual visits from global industry leaders and a growing international reputation. Studying in Tasmania also means the air is cleaner, the wilderness is closer and the design scene is booming. You can’t go wrong.
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Featured Foundry lecturers: Matt Leach , Andrew Johnstone , Jesse Hunniford

Foundry Guest Speakers: James Noble , Ngaio Parr , Ben Johnston , Gemma O’Brien , Chris Doyle , Frankie Ratford , Mike Tosetto , Nick Hallam , Kitiya Palaskas , Eddie Zammit , George Rose , Jim Antonopoulos


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