Meet the team

Frankie Ratford

Creative Director & Founder
Gold Coast, Australia

Frankie’s name has been photoshopped into ‘Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego’ more than once. She’s fascinated with the intersection between design, travel and business, and likes to do five things at the same time. She’s lived in 13 cities, in 25+ houses and just finished roadtripping around the world for six years to build TDK from the ground up. She is a sunny Sagittarius who splits her time between her 1960’s shack in rural Tasmania, reading books on the GC and catching planes to far away (warmer) places.

insta: @frankieratford
linkedIn: Frankie Ratford
email: [email protected]

Thiago Nogueira

Head of Partnerships
Gold Coast, Australia

T brings the charm to the TDK team. Coming from a print and digital background, and 13 years experience covering major design events, large scale digital launches and live experiences, we're stoked to have Thiago onboard. His favourite things are surfing, riding his motorbike off into the hills and picking up babes at the beach whilst pretending to be a photographer. He's the life of the party, Mr Positive and will ALWAYS answer his phone when you need him.

insta: @_tnogueira_
linkedIn: Thiago Nogueira
email: [email protected]

Chloe Anna

Studio Manager
Brisbane, Australia

Chloe is the biggest go-getter in Brissy! After taking over #TDKtuesdays BNE in 2015 her passion for the local creative scene skyrocketed, and her aim was to be a pillar of knowledge for students and grads coming into the industry. Consequently, in the years following, she’s worked with some of the most influential creative groups in the city, including The Brisbane Collective, Jungle Love Festival, Mous. Magazine, RAW Brisbane and Brisbane Festival. Currently she's a sessional tutor at QUT (recruiting newbies to join the TDK fam), and Creative Lead / Ovary Advocate at The Womens Health Collective (#ovarygang). On top of that she’s addicted to volunteering. Her favourite placement was with the RSPCA - OMG puppies! When she’s not trying to chase Frankie around the world she’s at the beach, trying to naturally bleach her hair and convincing everyone it’s never too hot for a cappuccino.

insta: @thisisnotanorange
linkedIn: Chloe Anna Soan
email: [email protected]

Gabriel Celuque

Head of Digital
Gold Coast, Australia

Gab is a brilliant surfer who loves a good burger & beer deal on a Friday arvo (Lunch? Morning?!). His preferred work environment is a dark cave and loves nothing more than to be left alone with his code. Saying that, he's definitely the most social dev we've ever met, and while building the giant TDK site, he also runs his own business over at Hover Creative. You can win him over with alcohol and a smile!

insta: @hovercreative
linkedIn: Gabriel Celuque
email: don't bother him ;)

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