What is Provisn

Provisn is for everyone. Provisn takes the cryptic out of crypto. It is the most advanced indicators and tools, simplified through design and user experience. It is a SaaS model that is infinitely scalable, worldwide, and puts everything at the user’s fingertips.

We aggregate, create and elevate the latest and greatest tools providing predictive insight into the cryptocurrency landscape. We provide trust-worthy, digestible, and highly valuable tools all in one place, for a user to efficiently follow, understand, and act upon market movement with confidence.

Provisn ultimately allows ultra high level indicators, tools, and analytics, to become accessible to your ‘average investor’ or ‘knowledge seeker’ through engaging high-level content, design, and user experience. We pack all these features, including many, many more to come, and values into a singular, easy-to-use, beautifully designed platform. Provisn is a community that is dreamed, designed, and imagined for the future of freedom; for everyone

What Will You Do?

Here at Provisn, we’re designing the future of blockchain technology, where you will be in charge of visualizing the future of how this manifests internally and to our external channels; ie, the world. Your job is to create seamless, accessible design that is understandable, intuitive, interactive, engaging, and highly converting. This is especially true for our external socials, press, creative marketing campaigns, etc.

Currently the immense potential and quality of life blockchain technologies are able to provide, are not easily available to everyone. You will be tearing those barriers down through design. We are going to tear those borders down and serve a warm global community, helping individuals on their journey to their personal concept of freedom.

Our goal is for subscribers to be able to navigate crypto with confidence, not only to make profit but to educate themselves and be able to act upon the potential of blockchain technology. They will have all the tools they need in Provisn as a one-stop-shop for all crypto, as WE produce high quality, high value, original, intriguing content.

Who You Are

We are looking to hire a senior designer in graphic design with experience in motion graphics who strives to constantly get better. We want this individual to join our team (family) as we grow very rapidly past our MVP. We have solidified a distinct visual identity to date in the cryptocurrency space and we’re aiming to help further develop and strengthen this identity across all Provisn’s range of visual assets, including the in-platform dashboard and its vast features, marketing campaigns, visuals for social media/community, emailers, etc.

Your ability to create strong design assets (in unison with our team and department goals) will be imperative to Provisn. It is not a requirement that you are currently and deeply entrenched in the blockchain and crypto space yet. We will provide you the education tools along with our overall company objectives so that your designs always run in parallel to the Provisn goals and consumer value propositions. That said, we are looking for you to be self-driven and to always be learning about advancements in blockchain projects and cryptocurrency as this will enhance your designs and value overall. It is very important you are an excellent designer with motion graphic experience who can work in a team setting. Your design and illustration voice will be illustrated as a key member Provisn so it’s important your passion fits analogously with ours as we grow and scale Provisn together.


– Strong multi-faceted design portfolio
– Advanced in Adobe Creative Suite, specifically Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop
– Experience in motion graphics
– Experience with Sketch (able to connect code to your designs and replicate different dimensions
per various different needs best utilizing time)
– You’re a hard worker, someone who bets on themselves, is not afraid to take risks.
– You are located in Amsterdam.
– You are full-time.
– You geek out on design.
– You are a good communicator.
– Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS (Javascript is a plus)
– Extra beneficial if you’re also familiar with:
– Principle for Sketch
– Python (PyCharm)


– Create effective design solutions for digital advertising and direct marketing to support brand and marketing campaigns each specific to its medium.
– Create graphics for all digital media including social media, media decks, email, web, and publications.
– Creating custom graphics and design assets according to theme and request per our original content creators.
– Go beyond the boundaries, and develop immersive experiences through design within all internal aspects and pages within Provisn + external.
– Help with design wherever is needed.
– Solicit, receive, and act on creative feedback to ensure designs meet requirements based on task
– Work with our CMO, Content Team, UI/UX designer, and additional designers + all members of Provisn to strategize and optimize visual design and messaging everywhere.
– Manage all design content within our Notion (our content calendar) – ability to prioritize

Tools/Skills required

– The ability to think at a high level regarding graphic design and vision + how that intersects with productive design.
– Absolutely must be self-motivated and a self-starter that knows how to hustle and get work done in the most efficient manner possible.
– Reliable team-player that naturally collaborates with others, communicates clearly, and takes initiative.
– Experience building and shipping different categories of products from platform and marketing collateral to its owners both internal and external.
– Excellent communication skills
– Exceptional time management skills
– Excitement about proactively contributing value to this organization
– Passion for important issues and their solutions that you are a part of.

Work Flow

– You will have your own monitor(s), desk, and any other tool you will need to optimize your work at our office on the Herengracht.
– You will work and have access to the entire team, however will mostly be working with the CMO and Head of Product for the content you wish to visually display.
– We believe in a very collaborative relationship within the company, so titles are irrelevant, and we’re all here together to make the best product we possibly can.
– You are organized and plan ahead.
– You share your ideas with the immediate executive team to help optimize your work.
– You have specifications per each channel / platform to best optimize the content to visually fit and work with the medium.
– You update our internal content calendar with your rollout strategy to work collaboratively with the rest of the team.
– Help develop out the roadmap for all user facing assets.


– Beautiful office & garden on the canals, with full facilities including a ping pong table.
– Casual office hours, although there will be work outside of the office as crypto is 24/7
– Payment on the 15th and 30th of each month in either Euro or BTC (your choice)
– A relaxed creative atmosphere where there are no limits
– Full access to the most complete cryptocurrency info-platform to date (you’ll make money just being here).
– You’ll be interfacing and working with some of the brightest minds in the crypto space in the world.
– You’ll have an incredible opportunity to use this knowledge to grow your own financial gain 😉
– You will get to travel, attend the world’s top blockchain conferences, and be ingrained within the community.
– Have the opportunity to shape the budding blockchain space for first adopters and movers with your ‘really damn good design’. It currently doesn’t exist.


Provisn will compensate you for all within reason, or not out of the ordinary ‘out of pocket’ expenses you may incur.

Offer / Incentives / Bonus

– Full Time (45hrs in office), X euro/BTC a month, paid out as on the 30th of each month.
– 3 month contract, however Provisn reserves the right to cancel it within 15 days notice if goals are not hit, or for any other reason deemed appropriate.
– Upon the completion of this 3 month contract, we will re-negotiate your terms for a raise & vesting equity stake with quarterly dividend payouts + bonuses.
– Each individual you get to sign up (using your unique code), you will receive 50% of their subscription fees
– *All items are to be negotiated.

PLEASE APPLY TO: [email protected], CC [email protected] AND INCLUDE YOUR RESUME & PORTFOLIO

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