We’re looking for a talented, driven designer with 2+ years experience under their belt. You’ll be joining a small but dynamic team, based in Hawthorn and occasionally from home (if you’re so inclined). 2020 has taught us that things can be done differently and less rigidly, and we’ve taken this fairly literally when it comes to how we work at LBD STUDIOS.

+ Assisting the Creative Director in concept development and rollout

+ Amplifying brands across multiple mediums including print, website, and social media

+ Sourcing production quotes and liaising with suppliers

+ Demonstrating super time management skillsCan work independently when required.


You’re an up and coming designer who wants to continue to foster and develop their skills by working with a skilled, experienced team. You live and breathe branding, and you’re driven to create minimal, considered design. We don’t need to outline that you must be competent in InDesign, Photoshop, XD, After Effects, Illustrator as that would be stating the obvious. You’re a team player, comfortable in working across multiple projects and are hungry to upskill so you can be the best designer you can be.

You’re the kind of person that people would describe as ‘friendly’. You possess a personable manner that makes interacting with clients a positive experience for both you and them, and you have an obsessive attention to detail and respect for following internal procedures. You display a high level of work ethic and your creative thinking is on point (think design simplicity).

Sound like we’re looking for a unicorn? Maybe. But we believe unicorns exist.

Number crunching & perks

As a designer, numbers may not be your jam, however without the risk of sounding like an accountant it’s important to know what is on offer (other than the guaranteed good vibes).

$50,000 – $60,000 per annum + plus super (negotiable based on experience)

+ Team lunches (free food & drinks)

+ Four wellness days per year (guilt-free days off when you just aren’t feeling it)

+ Employee assistance program > The Mind Room


Speaking plainly, if you haven’t stalked our Insta or checked our website before even clicking on this ad, this role probably isn’t for you. At LBD STUDIOS we live and breathe brands. We specialise in brand strategy, brand identity, brand communications, website design and content production. We work with dynamic clients across a diverse range of sectors, where we unearth their unique brand story then help them tell it. Our ambition remains the same regardless of the project – to create work that simplifies complexity, shifts mindsets and makes a lasting mark. Overall, we exist to empower brands to grow and transform culture through purposeful and simplified branding, content and design. Considered, culture-shifting simplicity.

Further reading, if you make it this far…

Our Values


We simplify complexity to bring clarity to people, their ideas and brands. Getting to simple isn’t easy. This is why painstaking work goes into refining every piece of work we create so that the right message is communicated, and the right people will connect with it. We never cut corners. We seek better answers by asking better questions. We help people see what they don’t yet see by following our curiosity to uncover the uniqueness, the potential and the gold.


We champion the uniqueness of both people and brands, which is why we embrace the challenge of bringing an original identity and voice to the brands and people we work with. We love to create work that is unmatched in style and design, a style that sets a new standard. We have an eye for design simplicity that we apply to every project. We’re confident and comfortable in our own skin and in what we bring to the world. This quiet confidence comes through in both our work, how we relate and how we communicate.


We’re about creating brand and design solutions that make a mark on culture. Revolutionising and transforming brands so they build meaningful connections. Work that changes mindsets, shifts perspectives and is remembered beyond this minute. This means that we often identify potential in a brand or idea that others can’t see. We’re always looking to find a better, different way – for both our clients and our own business.


We want to empower people to amplify their ideas and do their life’s best work. And this covers everyone we come into contact with – our customers, our team, our partners. We create authentic connections by being real, straight up, personable and making people feel comfortable at every step of the journey with us. We don’t just build great relationships, we go the distance with people over time and we help connect others together.

Boring but more responsible part

You’ve made it this far. All that’s left is to upload your folio, write the greatest cover letter you have ever done, and apply to [email protected].

Thanks for getting this far!

If you have made it to here you probably should apply as you clearly take the time to read through things thoroughly, and that’s what we are about.

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