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Applicants should apply through the link, and not send through email.

Full time Position

What you’ll do:

Collaborate: You’ll be joining a small-but-mighty team of graphic designers, illustrators, and animators. As an in-house designer, you will tackle requests from every part of the company and ensure that Hallow’s brand is best represented everywhere it’s seen.

Design in Static & Motion: You will create static designs for emails, swag, social media, digital and print advertising as well as motion graphics for commercials, social media, and trailers for major content launches. Experience in Figma and Adobe Suite (especially After Effects) is a must. 3D knowledge is a big bonus.

Problem-solve: Expect to be thrown into new projects without a perfect brief. Sometimes, you will be the one building the brief and leading the charge. We’re looking for a creative and curious mind who is willing to troubleshoot and test concepts quickly.

What you’ll love:

Mission: This work is incredibly humbling. Every day we get amazing stories and get the pleasure of working on something that impacts lives. One of my favorite user quotes: “I hate quoting an old, overused cliche, but I’ve been very lost. And I think for the first time in a while I may be found.”

Ownership: Since we’re growing so rapidly, every person at Hallow is called to leadership and taking initiative. There’s nothing more exciting as a designer than pitching new ideas – and carrying that idea from start to finish.

Flexibility: HQ will be in Chicago with the full team and would love to have everyone there. That being said, we’re super flexible with location/hours; we don’t care when you work, just that it gets done.

Comp: We will pay competitive market rates both in terms of equity, cash, & benefits.

What we’re looking for:

Design Foundations: The key here is someone who has a firm grasp on design fundamentals: color, composition, typography, and rhythm. While comfort with Figma and the Adobe Suite is important, we care more about your design taste and ability to execute your ideas clearly and with impact.

Passion: First & foremost, we’re looking for someone excited about our mission. You’ll find that every person at Hallow is enthusiastic about their day-to-day work: writing scripts, audio engineering, customer service, finance processes – and it shows. We’re looking for the drive to create moving, beautiful design.

Time Management: Hallow moves fast. Great work takes time, but we’re looking for someone who can close a project that has a tight turnaround without compromising quality. We value growth and innovation, not perfection.

$60,000 – $90,000 a year

The above range only includes cash compensation. Each full-time employee in the US also receives significant equity compensation, which has the potential to be the biggest economic benefit of joining Hallow, alongside a top-tier benefits package (e.g., unlimited PTO, insurance, remote-flexible work, fully paid parental leave, 401(k) match, and stipends for health & wellness, home-office, and learning).

The above range for cash compensation will be split between a base salary and target annual bonus. These ranges are just initial estimates. They may vary depending on market or location and may be adjusted depending on the person we end up hiring for this role, their experience, and market dynamics.

You can find examples of motion design projects here: Lent 2024 Trailer, Advent 2023 Trailer,
and other examples of our general design on hallow.com, our Instagram, and in our Facebook Ad Library.

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