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Tim Semple

December 2017

We've been lovin' the work of Tim Semple on the #TDKpeepshow tag this year - so we finally reached out for the full lowdown on all things Tim. We chat about keeping a retail job while freelancing, Bookmark - Tim's attempt at a Creative industries white pages - and of course, where it all began - Instagram. 

Where did you study and what were some of your first jobs?

I did my time at Swinburne University. It was a great environment and I met lots of eager, like minded souls. I found the program to be really well setup with room to experiment and get my hands on all sorts of fields.

My first job experience was actually an out of the blue client from across the pond (New York, USA) who came across some work of mine and felt I suited their needs. For a small project and very unsure on charges, I was fortunate enough to have a kind hearted client who refused to pay the small amount I quoted and gave an extra bit simply because. How nice is that?

What was your plan for graduating and what actually happened?

After a lot of intense and stressful times, my anxiety ridden self needed space to breath. I started my grad life a little different by looking after myself whilst working on some collective pieces I had half finished and a couple of small clients. From here I decided to spend the remainder of my year just working a strong folio by doing lots of freelance business and attempt to market my Instagram.

Because freelancing can be unpredictable, I still kept a previous retail role for that stable income. I found this was also great to give the old creative brain a stretch and go socialise a little. I’d come back with fresh eyes to improve upon current concepts and directions as well as allowed time for external reviews and feedback.

What does a typical working day include?

I’m very regimented and real tough on myself. Usually weekdays I’ll be anxious to get started at 7:30 to which I get up to date on e-mails, social media and the likes. If there’s some client work happening then it’s time to get energised with daily inspiration to fill the tank. After that I break my day down to work junkie, book worm and another hit of work followed by some work on Bookmark.

Any passion projects you would like to share?

Other than spending my time designing and living, I dedicate a lot to keeping up to date with Australian studios and creatives. I like to be a sticky nose and see what they’re working on.

Due to my massive list of bookmarks in my Chrome tab I had to do the only good organisational thing - share it with everyone else. I founded (and curate) the current online platform of Bookmark which is my attempt at a Creative industry white pages. It works for the most part. Offering weekly posts on studios that people may not know about and also allows singular creatives to be in the spotlight for any studio to see. Hence any employment opportunities out there? I love to see anyone and everyone’s work so if you’re Instagram down then why not let me #keeptabsau (get the idea here, keep tabs.)








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