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Tim Munro comes from a Furniture Design background, and after a stint in London is back on aussie soil studying at Tractor Design School in Melbourne. He's made the cut (voted by TDK Founder Frankie Ratford) to our top peps to watch in 2016 - we chat with him about dodgy going-ons in his garage, naming your files, drinking beer at conferences and his plan for graduating. Well done Tim!

When did you fall in love with design and how did you get started?

My interest has developed over the years, when I was young I use to draw skate logos and paint on old boards. During high school I loved woodwork, so after finishing I decided to study Furniture Design. This was my introduction to a technical approach to drawing and designing. In 2012 I moved to London, it was here that my passion for design, photography and art grew. Whilst living over there I realised that I wanted to work in a creative field, and decided to study again once I returned home to Melbourne. I am currently studying at Tractor Design School, with one semester to go before graduating. The course has already taught me way more than I had expected - I’m really excited about where it’s leading.

What has been some of the biggest lessons you’ve learnt along the way?

I am constantly learning new lessons and practices, but so far:
- It sounds obvious but have fun! Your work will be far more interesting if you are enjoying what you are creating.
- Don’t name your files ‘Final’, or ‘Final Final’. I still look in some folders and have no idea which file contains the final solution.
- Put your work out there. People may like what you’re doing and the feedback will help with future projects.
- Start your projects off the screen. Brainstorm / draw / make lists / get weird and push your ideas before you start to create them on the computer.
- Go to exhibitions / conferences. It’s great to see what other local designers are creating, and you never know who you may end up having a beer with.

Design work by Tim Munro The Design Kids interviews Tim Munro work-2

Any passion projects you would like to share?

Six months ago my girlfriend and I started Dingo & Trump, a company specialising in making natural soap and skin care products. It’s been really fun experimenting and making soap in my mum’s garage, dressed in goggles and lab coats in a quiet street in the ‘burbs - I’m sure one day the neighbours are going to call the cops on us. It can look pretty suss! The packaging and branding side of the business has been the perfect outlet to put the skills I’ve been learning at Tractor into practice. As well as Dingo & Trump there are a couple of projects in the works, so stay tuned!

Who are your top five design crushes right now?

There are so many local and international artists and designers that I am excited and influenced by. Some that I’ve been loving lately are:
LAND - These guys are massive inspirations, beautiful branding and artwork.
Broken Fingaz - Amazing graffiti and commercial artists, incredibly dark and humorous.
Richard Mosse - Go and see his exhibition The Enclave at The NGV if you can.
The Company You Keep - I’m always excited to see their hospitality branding.
Georgia Hill - Her typography is really inspiring.

Design work by Tim Munro The Design Kids interviews Tim Munro work-4
Design work by Tim Munro The Design Kids interviews Tim Munro work-4

What’s on the cards professionally and personally in the next 12 months?

It’s going to be a busy 6 months leading up to graduating. After the course the plan is to get an internship at a local design studio. I’d love to gain experience in a professional studio setting, whilst experimenting and building on my skills with freelance work. I’ll make sure I squeeze in some time for a cheeky trip away too - it’s looking like a fun year ahead.

What role do you think TDK plays in the design industry and how has TDK personally helped you?

TDK has been a huge source of inspiration and information since I began studying. It can be difficult when starting out to get involved with your local design community, and TDK is a great place to learn about upcoming events and exhibitions, as well as seeing what other students are creating. You guys are doing a great thing, many thanks!

Design work by Tim Munro The Design Kids interviews Tim Munro work-6
Design work by Tim Munro The Design Kids interviews Tim Munro work-6

Where to find Tim Munro online.

Instagram: @tim.munro

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