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We recently teamed up with Liam and the team at The Sunday Co for an epic #TDKtuesdays pin design comp (check out the winning sushi-cat pin below!) - so we decided to sit down and get the low down on how the company came about, and the impact the tourism industry has on the design industry on the Gold Coast.

Give us the elevator pitch on what you do.

I’m a digital designer specialising in product design and functional art; I own a company that can take ideas from the concept stage all the way to a finished product you can enjoy.

What are some of your earliest creative memories and what lead you into design?

My earliest memories growing up was that I felt I naturally looked at the world differently, that the simplest designs or moments were the powerful. Often daydreaming, I spent most of my time out of the house, trying to see the world around me on bicycle. My first designs were building make shift hide-outs, bike ramps and drawing animals I saw on my trips. I remember my early report cards just saying in different ways ‘Liam could do great things if he applied himself’… design was a way to communicate and something I could apply myself to without convention.

Design work by The Sunday Co The Design Kids interviews The Sunday Co work-2

What was your plan for graduating and what actually happened?

After graduating two universities and finishing with a master’s degree in Social work, I had a dream to help those who felt lost. Empowering others daily and my heart for people placed a strain on my emotions, it was at this time as part of my self-care that I needed to draw on my love for design as a way to recharge and to feel that the world was still pretty amazing. I started The Sunday Co as soon as I finished university as a way to test my designs, taking this path I’m happy to say took over my life and this is only the start to my journey.

Whats your take on internships? (do you take interns now?)

Interns can be great, however there is definitely an art to it. It is simply a purposeful relationship, so setting the right expectations for both the intern and the business is essential. I like start by asking why us? From this sometimes a designer’s style or their expectations aren’t the right fit and that’s perfectly fine, I really respect people who take charge of their learning and I am more than happy to help if they have the right heart.

Design work by The Sunday Co The Design Kids interviews The Sunday Co work-4
Design work by The Sunday Co The Design Kids interviews The Sunday Co work-4

What is the design landscape like on your city and where do you fit in?

The Gold Coast is a new looking coastal area known to be very ‘tourist friendly’; because of this the creative types tend to work in physical crafts and tourist-centred gifts. In my area of the Gold Coast surf culture is very big and it is definitely not the usual place you would find many indoors designing away. However the shift of the Gold Coast towards becoming more business centred has lead to competition, and a need for a digital design/ marketing edge. We are the capital for small business and at times it seems like everyone is starting a café, so people are looking for that something different to survive. A lot of my clients are bigger/older businesses that are now trying to change in a tougher landscape. I even find tourists are expecting more depth to their holiday experience, which is great for killing the novelty tourist rubbish that looks to end up in their bags.

In creating great digital design and products in our community we hope to stand out, not only to show of our skills, but to also challenge my community to invest into creating an environment that is exciting!

What career advice would you give your 16yr old self?

Please don’t live in fear bro.

University and school will never come naturally to you (not your fault, just not super moldable, you don’t have to prove your smart either); stop feeling down thinking that everyone is willing to sacrifice their dreams for money. There are infinite ways to learn, earn and discover your purpose, just be happy, take your time and be open to what this amazing world has to offer.

Also try not to live in the future too much, you will miss the magic from the moments which will be really the only things you will talk about when your older.

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Design work by The Sunday Co The Design Kids interviews The Sunday Co work-9
Design work by The Sunday Co The Design Kids interviews The Sunday Co work-9

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