Have you ever told a pink lie? Wait! What even IS a pink lie!? Haha well, it's something that the guys and Fredrik Öst, Founder & Creative Director of Snask, made up!  Read on to hear about what a 'pink lie' actually is, some awesome collaborations and some solid advice. Oh and watch the video too! So good :D 

When did you fall in love with design and how did you get started?

It all started out when me and some friends at university ran a club night and we needed flyers and posters. I was the one most handy with computers so I designed them week after week. They truly looked like proper horse shit. But it was the start!

What was your plan for graduating and what actually happened?

My plan for graduating was starting Snask straight after uni. We actually started the company while we were students and the idea of Snask was created halfway into the studies. What actually then happened was starting up Snask and working half-time at a clothing shop to not burden the company. After that we all took private loans from our parents to survive 10 months without pay and this way build up a cash reserve.

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Tell us about any collaborations you have been working on.

Together with local brewery Pangpang we’ve done a beer called Shower Beer, especially made to drink in the shower.

We also are working on an interesting bar concept together with a PR agency and a restaurant owner. We’re starting up a sock company with a Finnish actress. Plus we’re working on various other collaborations.

What three naughty things have you done in your career to get ahead?

We did a ”pink lie” to get us going with lecturing. First of all a pink lie is something we invented and means that you lie about something but then make sure you make that lie become reality and then you give the lie back. Sort of a borrowed lie until you can deliver on it. So we lied to the big design schools in Sweden that we had been on a world tour and were coming back to Sweden to do some free lectures to give back to society. All the schools wanted us and after that we actually had experience and could go on and lecture at the big conferences around the world. -Watch this!

Not sure how naughty it is but we’ve all slept at the studio at different times due to housing problems, lost home keys, drunken nights etc. So the studio have been acting as kind of a safe house when needed.

We often get our clients drunk at some point. It helps with a lot of things actually.

Design work by Snask The Design Kids interviews Snask work-4
Design work by Snask The Design Kids interviews Snask work-4

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