Sijya Gupta

We caught up with Delhi based Designer, Sijya Gupta. Sijya chatted to us all about the struggles and joys of coming up with new creative ideas, her love for experimentation, and directing her very first music video!

Did you have a plan for graduation and what actually happened?

I had always thought I would take up a job at a good studio after graduation. What ended up happening though was that after I put out my work on my website and social media, I started getting interesting freelance projects.

I continue working this way–as an independent graphic designer and artist working for music, art and cultural entities.

Another unexpected thing that happened, thanks to the flexible working hours, was that I started making music–something I’d never planned to do.

Talk us through a typical working day include for you right now.

In the first half of the day, I prefer self-initiated work and playing around with tools. These days this is usually developing a piece of music.

In the second half, I go to the Wild City office, where I have a desk space. There, I answer emails, do client calls and work on graphic design projects till evening. I start with urgent things and then trick myself into working on things that are on a slow burner.

What are some of the best and worse parts of your job, day-to-day.

The worst and the best part of my job are actually the same thing–coming up with ideas that are new, interesting and that also work in the given context. I find this to be the most stressful part of the process, but it’s also the most rewarding.

But this aside, the more enjoyable parts are the actual making of things, and the less enjoyable, for me, are keeping my social media and portfolio updated.

In the first half of the day, I prefer self-initiated work and playing around with tools. These days this is usually developing a piece of music.

Who are your top five design crushes globally right now?

Luke & Jody Hudson Powell, Mitch Paone, Stefan Sagmeister (all of whom I’ve had the good fortune to meet & get some feedback from!). I also love M/M Paris and Paul Sahre–both super inspiring in different ways.

What’s your take on internships? (do you take interns now?)

Internships are a great way to figure out what you might be interested in. I realised during my internships that I wasn’t interested in design jobs that don’t allow for too much experimentation. Later on, when I got a chance to work on design for music I found it quite liberating. I don’t take interns at the moment, but I do collaborate with people on project-basis!

What’s on the cards professionally and personally in the next 12 months?

I’m working with Indian musician to direct my first music video, so that’s something I’m super excited about.

The past few months have been really great. Hedra, a typeface I made with ITF got released and made it to the hot new fonts list on myfonts, I got featured as Designxdesign’s 20under35 and I started fun projects with some great people–Khoj Artists’ Association, Hanif Kureshi & Third Culture. I hope for the next months to be just as exciting.

I also plan to release some music in 2021, which is going to be a big moment.

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Instagram: @sijya

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