Shuh is a jewelery maker from the depths of your wildest dreams. With an incredible eye for colour and a thumbs up from our planet – she's got some sweet style. Her jewelery is created with her own hands, using things most people wouldn't think of as her inspiration; second-hand and found materials. As they say; one's man's trash; another lady's brilliant-colourful treasure!

Tell us how you got involved in the creative industry and your path to where you are now?

I have always shown an interest in making things since I was young. I remember when I had free time, I would draw or do something crafty. Without much thought, I took up arts in high school and college in Kuala Lumpur before leaving home to complete my Fashion Degree at RMIT University in Melbourne. After years of studies, I decided to take a break and worked full time in retail. It took a couple of years to realised that I was unhappy not doing anything creative. It was a turning point when I reopened my sewing kit and started stitching again. Then slowly moving on to drawing and painting. I know it might sound corny but I felt really enthusiastic about making art again and it is what I want to do for life. Sometimes I wondered why I learnt the long way but I guess you need to take a decent break to find good answers.

How did you first get into jewellery making and how do you differ from other makers?

I took up Accessories as an elective back in uni and was really moved by the lecturer’s effort and energy. Everyone was expecting to make a necklace out of beads and chains but he brought bizarre items to the class like broken barbie dolls, beer bottle caps and other odd recycled objects and told us to experiment and have fun! From there, I think I fell in love with the concept of using unconventional items and their endless potential. My work is hands on, time consuming and labour intensive. Most of the loose ends and materials are kept to be reused again. The colours used on every piece vary from one another. I like to think that every piece I make is an artwork. Recently I have started to make more of one off pieces. I could spend days making one item and enjoying the slow process. I guess this is how my work differs from other makers.

Design work by Shuh The Design Kids interviews Shuh work-2

You've done a window for the lovely shop Dagmar Rousset in Melboune - tell us a bit about that process…

I love branching out and trying new things. It started out when I did a project for Poepke, Sydney boutique shop, where I had to do a window installation. I was talking to Julia about it and how I would also like to do something for Dagmar Rousset’s window. The idea came about when she mentioned something about blowing up a giant necklace. I then started looking for options and materials to make it.

What are you working on right now?

A bit of everything! I am currently working on my accessories, prints and some stitching work.

Design work by Shuh The Design Kids interviews Shuh work-4
Design work by Shuh The Design Kids interviews Shuh work-4

What are your personal and professional goals for 2014?

Personal – learn new skills, sleep earlier, get out more!
Professional – a mini show, try yardage printing, new collaborations

Can you describe your style and how its evolved over time?

I think my work has always linked to something fun, laying somewhere between art and craft involving colours and shapes. Over time, I am trying to refine it further, doing more research and paying more attention to details and quality, but always with fun!

Design work by Shuh The Design Kids interviews Shuh work-6
Design work by Shuh The Design Kids interviews Shuh work-6

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