Featured Graduates

Sam Watson

February 2014

Sam graduated from Billy Blue in Sydney – has been a part of the TDK family before with some killer designs on his t-shirts and a part of exhibitions past. One talented cookie! We talk study, surf and studios...

What extracurricular activities have you taken part in whilst studying to boost you work experience/networks?

I have been lucky enough to be able to go in and help out at Hurley Clothing in my last few semester breaks. This has been really awesome being able to get experience under Luke Morrell, super talented artist and designer & all round nice bloke. I also have been involved in a couple of The Design Kids Exhibitions and sold a range of t-shirts through their web store which was rad. Beside that I have helped a friend start up a clothing label called Peace Club and done a few freelance jobs when I found the time.

What is your plan for when you finish?

I have grown up in the surf industry (family owns a surf shop) and surfed my whole life, These have both been major influences in my style and the way I design. So now that i am finished my main dream would be to get a job within the surf industry, working for someone like Hurley, Volcom, Rusty or some of the smaller guys like Critical Slide Society. I love that working for these companies you get to do a wide variety of design and also allows me to do illustration. It would also be awesome being able to  Work for a design Studio that focused on brand identity and creation. Or even continuing freelancing and trying start up my own surf label is not completely out of the question.

Dream job in Australia?

Either running my own surf label or running a small design studio focused on branding and brand development. I really enjoy smaller studios who work with smaller companies helping them grow and, in turn, help themselves grow. Creating relationships as opposed to just business.

Favourite 5 studios you'll love to work for in Australia.

The National Grid
We Buy Your Kids
Kindred Studio
Bold Inc

Where do you go for inspiration? (online and offline)

I'm a big fan of going through sites like The Loop & Behance, its awesome to be able to see so many talented artists and designers. The thing I find really good about these sites as opposed to design blogs where it’s just a pretty image is you get insight into the job and the way different people are solving design problems and the way they work which is really interesting and definitely helps push me as a designer. I also believe that you got to leave the computer go outside explore the world around you, as corny as that sounds its for sure one of the best ways to get your creative mind working.

Any personal projects you have to share?

I recently did a branding job for a new hairdresser Calle Reesey Original. This was a really fun job, working with great clients who gave me a lot of creative freedom. Really happy with how this job came out.

If you weren't a designer, what would you be/do?

If I wasn’t a designer I would either work in my family's surf shop or learn to shape surfboards. Always thought that would be a pretty interesting career – or a photographer.

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