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One Iota

December 2013

Today we have a squiz into the wonderful mind of Pam Rosel from Brisbane-based design agency One Iota. From hidden cultural gems across Brisbane to advice from graduates – she covers it all!

For people who haven't heard of One Iota, how many of you are there and when did you begin?

Our creative director David Fontain started One Iota in 2009 and it has operated as a small boutique design agency ever since. At the moment we’re a team of three, but we’re looking to expand in the near future, hiring more digitally capable peeps. Our small size means you need a broad skill set to bring something to the team.

We love the new site and we just checked your Pinterest - oh my! Who are your top 5 studios/blogs around the world that you secretly stalk?

Wow so many! To name a few: HeyDays, Savvy, Resn, Teehan & Lax, Tin & Ed, Snask.

If you could give our students any tips for while they are studying, what would they be?

Expand your skill set outside just being an Adobe suite operator. Experiment and play as much as possible. Draw inspiration from those around you and don’t be afraid to collaborate and get social. The quality in graduate portfolios varies so much and so many submissions we receive are the same old format with the same package design, mock website design, identity design with accompanying stationery design that people in the industry have seen over and over again. Fabricate, screen print, 3D print – the possibilities are endless.

What three qualities do you look for in a fresh new graduate?

1. Passion – Knowledge of our business and passion for the industry. Know your agencies and designers. Have personal design heroes and be able to name your influences. 2. Ethic – A good attitude, will to learn and be inquisitive, positive, friendly, flexible 3. Persistence – Don’t be afraid to fail and try new techniques. Don’t stop learning and expanding your skill set or honing existing skills.


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