Mulga is one of our favourite artists to come out of Sydney. With bright colours, beards and animals – what more could you ask for?! We chat about his loves, the 10 dollar note, music and his family. Speaking of, a big congratulations to Mulga who just welcomed his baby (#3) into the world!

What is your earliest memory of being creative?

I don't have the best recollection of my formative years but I do remember being in school and doodling in every lesson and thinking to myself that I could figure out what was being taught when I got home and looked at my homework.

What were some of the pivotal moments along the way?

I finished high school and studied economics at University thinking that would be a sweet career path to make some coin. I did contemplate studying graphic design or art but I couldn't see it being a lucrative career choice. I have been working in finance for the last 10 years and not loving it a whole lot. When my daughter Pearl was born 4.5 years ago I decided I would get more serious about making art and see where it would take me. So I started a blog and put my art up regularly. I had my first art show at a small gallery in Cronulla called Space 44 in February 2012, it went well an folks liked the art and that was encouraging. I have been busy ever since making heaps of pictures and t shirts and participating in art shows, art competitions or whatever would get my pictures in front of people. I have just now quit my office job and will go full time as an art dude.

Design work by Mulga The Design Kids interviews Mulga work-2

Where does the name Mulga come from and tell us three things people don't know about you!

I obtained the name Mulga from when I was 11 years old and I fronted my class in school and recited a poem by the legendary poet Banjo Patterson (he is on the ten dollar note). That poem was called Mulga Bill's bicycle. In the poem Mulga Bill trades in his horse and buys himself a bicycle and he thinks he is the bees knees at bike riding but after leaving the bike shop he veers off the road and flies out of control down a big hill and crashes into a creek, he nearly dies. He leaves the bike in the creek and goes back to riding his trusty horse.  One of my classmates called me Mulga after I recited the poem and the name stuck. 1. I am better at riding a bike than Mulga Bill, I used to ride my bike to school and work everyday, no joke. 2. I make music with my brother and friends under the name Mulgas Room. You can listen over at bandcamp: Some of the tunes get pretty weird. 3. I have 2 little kids called Pearl and Frankie and a 3rd due today (at the time I write this) hectic!

What projects have you been involved in recently and what do you have coming up?

I curate and paint at a monthly event called StreetFest. It  is an event where Sydney's raddest food trucks unite for a night of street food, music and art. I sell tees and jumpers and art prints at my market stall. I often set up at Bondi Markets on a Sunday. I currently have some sweet art in a show at Bondi Pavilion. It is open until 23 March 2014, 10am to 8pm everyday. I recently painted live at an MTV/Sol Beer party. That was a lot of fun. I am doing lots of illustrations for t-shirt companies and private commissions at the moment which is also good fun. Late last year I spent a day with MTV and they made a little profile videoon me. That was cool!

Design work by Mulga The Design Kids interviews Mulga work-4
Design work by Mulga The Design Kids interviews Mulga work-4

Who are some of your inspirations in the art and design world, both here in Australia and overseas.

Artists such as Beastman, Stacey Rozich, AJ Fosik, Low Brows, Bill McRight, Yok, Sheryo are sweet artists.

What advice would you have for budding artists and illustrators?

Find your style and niche, make awesome art and then do it non stop and get it in front of peoples peepers any way you can.

Design work by Mulga The Design Kids interviews Mulga work-6
Design work by Mulga The Design Kids interviews Mulga work-6

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