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Mira Yuna

March 2014

We are obsessed with Mira Yuna! Reining from Sydney these guys know how to get into our hearts. They have done amazing signage for the likes of Incu, Comme des Garçons and a cafe we can't wait to visit! We chat about their studio, design and how they plan for such large scale pieces...

How did you get into murals and sign-painting?

Mira Yuna is a design studio so we do a variety of work. We teamed up about 12 months ago and decided that we wanted to incorporate design principals and sign painting techniques to create something different and engaging. That idea was then pushed and applied to physical environments. Our website showcases a selection of our favourite projects which just happen to be our larger, hand painted ones.

Your Incuwork is incredible – how'd you get so many amazing clients?

Thanks! Initially, we were doing smaller work for Incu; in-store signs and invites and then it moved onto window displays. Our latest hoarding project was definitely the largest we’ve done for them. The window displays started to showcase our work a bit better because people would walk past as we were painting. From there, people started approaching us. It’s about making a something different, that way people start to notice.

How do you plan a piece that is so large?

In regards to the Incu hoarding, we go through a normal design process to get the artwork approved. We then plan the design to scale, do all of the measurements and decide what colours need to be painted first (as some may need more coats than others). Once we have all the measurements, we transfer some of the more detailed pieces of the design (any type, logos or illustrations) to what's called a pounce and transfer that onto the surface. Once all that's done we can organise materials such a paint, buckets, ladders etc.

'The Tuckshop' is one beautiful looking cafe – how did the design and ideas for signage evolve overtime?  

The process was very similar to our normal approach although the guys at the Tuckshop were pretty pleased with what we initially mocked up so luckily there weren’t very many adjustments.

Any tips for budding sign-painters?

We can’t take credit for being entirely sign painters as they're experts at what they do. Coming from a creative perspective – practice, a good night’s sleep and don't doubt yourself.

Work aside, what are your inspirations?

Books, Bruno Munari, Maria Popova, Steven Powers, Lynes & Co, Colossal Media and our dog.

Website: www.mirayuna.com
Instagram: @mirayuna 


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