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Lucas Grogan

January 2014

Years ago, we always wondered who was behind the Movita building on the corner of Hoiser Lane. Now we know - as Lucas Grogan is super well known. You've probably seen his FUCK YEAH plate, and many many more examples of his beautiful blue works. BUT - what we liked the most is his journey once arriving in Melbourne - all the knock backs and lessons learnt. Make sure you watch the video at the bottom, well worth it for any budding illustrators/artists. Thanks Lucas!  

We’ll let you introduce yourself!

I’m an artist living and working in Melbourne though originally from Newcastle. My work spans a few different disciplines; textiles (specifically embroidery), drawing and painting. I exhibit throughout Australia and am represented by Martin Browne Contemporary Sydney, Gallerysmith Melbourne, Hugo Michell Gallery Adelaide and Jan Manton Art Brisbane, though I’ve also exhibited my work in New York, London and Hong Kong. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with different companies including Third Drawer Down, Pieces of Eight, Rittenhouse and Douglas and Hope to name a few, and have undertaken commissions from Duestche Bank, Swisse Vitamins and Old Man’s in Bali.

What would you say the highlights have been for you since moving to Melbourne?

After dropping out of university, I moved to Melbourne in 2009 to find work in a commercial gallery to better learn from the inside how the industry worked. I did that, and used that experience to start my own little career. Basically all of the blue works I’ve made, I made in Melbourne - murals for Movida on Hosier Lane and the private commission I did on Gore Street Fitzroy, the FUCK YEAH plate, but my favourite thing is still exhibiting in galleries.

Whats on the cards in the next 6 months?

I’ve just completed a few collaborations that will be out in the next few months but I think I’ll wait for them to announce them, but ones a really fancy set of porcelain and the other is a great new Australian Band’s tour t-shirt! My next solo exhibition isn’t until July at Martin Browne Contemporary, Sydney.

What advice would you give students starting out?

Make sure you’re having fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously- your work won’t cure cancer. Keep high res of everything you do.

Describe a typical Lucas Grogan day.

Coffee- first thing. Read the paper on my phone on the bus to my studio. Coffee again- then back to work. I’ve always got way too much going on that needed to be finished the day before.

Website  lucasgrogan.com Instagram  xlucasgrogan
Also guys - I would HIGHLY recommend watching this - a talk Lucas gave in Newcastle: vimeo.com/50108386


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