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Today we chat with Billy Blue graduate, Jerome Lousick, who we paired with RE: last year for Threesome, and who interned at RE, Frost* and Interbrand before scoring a sweet job. Here's his tips about making yourself heard and tips on getting that first paid job!

What was your original plan before you graduated for getting a job and how does that compare to what really happened?

My original plan for getting a job, once college had finished, was to take on an internship, work my ass off and hopefully be offered a job through it. Being out of uni for just over 12 months I’ve come to learn that it doesn’t quite work like that. I was hungry and was hoping to get that foot in the door in the studios that I admired, so probably did a few too many internships. My first internship was at Re: which I was offered through a summer internship program at Billy Blue where I worked at for 3 months. From there I was forwarded onto Interbrand Sydney where I gained another months experience. Once that had finished I was offered a few freelance gigs and as well as another internship at Frost*. Chasing that dream job and being led into thinking it would turn into a junior position I did a third internship for another 3 months. a year down the track with a bit of experience under my belt I’m now at fairly new studio in Sydney called the Purpose Agencywhich is a small team of 6 people.

Do you have any tips for soon to be graduates or the best advice you received.

Get yourself out there. Email studio’s and ask if they would be interested in setting a few minutes aside to get you in for a chat. I found that most were studios were willing to meet me based of a few images of my work. A ‘meet and greet’ may not always be for a position but you will always get something out of it. Whether it be feedback on your folio, someone that they can forward you onto or you may even be the first on their call list when the opportunity arises. Once graduating I found myself going to countless meet and greets and it’s always worked out positive in some way for me. The best advice I had been given to me was from Jason Little on my first day of interning at Re: which was to make yourself invaluable. My first experience within a studio made me come to the realisation that as a graduate/intern/junior you have nothing really to lose but everything to give. Theres that old saying, if a tree falls and no ones there to hear it... etc. It’s the same as when first starting out. It all pretty much comes down to making yourself heard, never keeping your ideas to yourself, and having as much fun as you can.

Design work by Jerome Lousick The Design Kids interviews Jerome Lousick work-2

Describe your typical day and what students can expect from working in industry.

My typical day in a studio starts off with a chat the guys at the cafe across the road, followed by a large flat white and then heading into the studio. Before I get started I usually jump onto my favorite design blogs, admire how awesome other peoples work is, followed by feeling depressed and jumping straight into my own work. Working in a smaller studio I’ve found it to be pretty hands on, so I’ve been working on anythings form image retouching to branding projects to self promotional work for the studio.

Who are your three most inspiring speakers?

This is really difficult question I’ve seen so many speakers. Probably my three favorite speakers would be Dean Poole from ALT Group (New Zealand) a photographer named Poras Chaudhary (India) and via Youtube Ted talks Stefan Sagmeister (New York).

Design work by Jerome Lousick The Design Kids interviews Jerome Lousick work-4
Design work by Jerome Lousick The Design Kids interviews Jerome Lousick work-4

What do you think TDK does well to facilitate the gap between students and industry and what could we do better?

I would like to see more portfolio reviews, studio’s mentorship programs, live talks from graduates/industry or even a pub trivia night.  Something really different would be cool. Any excuse to bring industry and student together is a good one.  I’d like to see more events that get people talking about design and where the industry is at/heading. I think no matter what level of the industry your from, everyone has something to learn from the next person.

How did you get your first job?

My first job was gained through a recruitment agency. They were very much in the know to what type of studio I’d be suited to and who was looking to hire. They hooked me up with studio called the Purpose Agency (formerly Doppio design). they had recently rebranded and decided to take on a new creative director to help lead their team and were looking to grow.

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What would you do differently if you went back and did it all again?

Had my portfolio well and ready a few months before graduating not after or on the day.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully working overseas I’d like to gain some experience in London or New York.

Design work by Jerome Lousick The Design Kids interviews Jerome Lousick work-8
Design work by Jerome Lousick The Design Kids interviews Jerome Lousick work-8

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