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Hey Stubby

April 2014

This is Stubby from Hey Stubby. What a dude! Stubby designs for Global Design Workshop , he also runs his own clothing label Dud Society. Stubby's work has been sponsored by Red Bull, Channel V, Ziggy Denim and Spook, clearly being fired from Mc Donalds for an accidental diarrhea incident didn't stop him. This guy is seriously funny on so many levels and we love every bit of him. 

Tell us a bit about you. How did you start out, where have you studied/worked?

Well I’ve been drawing since I was a little tacker and haven’t stopped since really! I worked at McDonalds when I was 16 but got fired for an accidental diarrhea incident. My first proper design role (even though I was paid in alcohol and stolen bicycles) was working with the guys behind EVIE, the place was on Chapel St. and there was a freaking beach out the back! The dudes are creative wizards and I learnt a heck of a lot from them. At the moment besides doing my own arty-farty stuff on the side, I work for Global Design Workshop just doing art and design for the fashion labels they manage. Study wise, I completed a Bachelor of Visual Communication & Design at RMIT, a real nice multicultural place and a real good way to fine-tune my tech skills. Originally ‘Stubby’ was just a nickname, it was what I’d write next to a finished piece of art, but during Uni I set it up as a tool to separate myself from the other Designers. It’s just a good way to express myself and show you peeps what I love doing!

What is Dud Society and how did it start?

Dud Society (D.U.D.S for short or Dumb Ugly Dudes Society for long) is a clothing label that started early last year with the help from Phil Thompson, he is the product dude behind the success of Lee & Wrangler, he knows his shit and I love him tender. D.U.D.S just want to break the mold of what most fashion labels represent and give everyone an option when it comes to clothing. Beauty is boring and ugly people are awesome!

You’re videos are disturbingly hilarious, not to mention sponsored by big labels like Red Bull, Channel V, Ziggy Denim and Spook. In an episode of Stubby’s Kitchen you stick two fingers into your Ziggy denim jacket pocket and pull out a lump of nutella, and then proceed to spread it on a massive Wiener hot dog bun. Whats going on? How did you land such gig

Hahaha, yeah I don’t mind jumping in front of the camera! I find it’s just another way to get sexy and express my creativity. I love mucking around and I'm not too camera shy so what better way than to eat a Massive Wiener with Panadol and Toothpaste.

What are you working on right now?

At the moment I’ve been working on a new Dud Society range, we’re looking to expand the product and make some funky pants, jumpers etc. Might even get some rad chicks threads going on too, you’ll have to wait and see!

You’ve produced work for fashion labels, local and international. What advice would you give to graduates/ students wanting to get their work out there?

Don’t be a loser. Most designers out there have the same skill set it’s just how well you present yourself. I suggest getting out there, getting drunk and partying down. Most of the jobs I’ve scored are through getting to know people and socializing. It’s just as important as how well you design.

What’s next for Stubby?

I really want to do an exhibition, but not your average exhibition. Maybe set it up in a maze or a public toilet or a playground. Well see what happens though, I’ll make sure I let you guys know! Xoxo



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