Hamish Jenkins

A big congrats to Melbourne Designer Hamish Jenkins, one of our 30 TDK Awards 19' winners'! Hamish's work was chosen by Craig Parsons of Parsons in Cape Town. Craig loved the way Hamish played off of strong ideas and added custom details to his "quirky" style. We caught up with Hamish and talked about how his relationship with design and creativity is constantly evolving, his love for the Melbourne design scene, and how it's important to have interests outside of design!

What do you wish you’d known now when you started your design course?

Feedback is good, not something to be afraid of! Sometimes it’s hard to separate yourself from your work but once you can it’s a lot more enjoyable and opens up so many more creative options.

I also wish I’d known it’s ok if the process takes a while. It might feel like you’re taking forever to research and get your ideas together but it’ll make the work easier in the long run.

What originally lead you in to design, and how has that changed? What do you want to do/are doing now?

When I finished high school I wanted to do something new and thought fine art might be the way to go. I went to TAFE and spoke with one of the lecturers who recommended the design course and that was the beginning for me. I built up a portfolio then moved to Melbourne to go to University.

My relationship with design changes pretty frequently as I learn more and have different experiences. One of the best things about design thinking is you can apply it to different areas which makes it feel fresh and exciting all the time.

As for now, I’ve just finished an internship at Paper Stone Scissors.

Any hot tips for getting ahead at uni?

Try to enjoy it! Making friends and getting involved in the university is a great start. You’ll meet lots of really interesting people from all around the world and with any luck, they’ll be the ones there to support you and collaborate with you after the course is done.

Personally, I found having interests outside of the course was important, not only as a break from study, but also to help inform future design work. 

Inspiration can come from anywhere so try to be on the lookout for topics and ideas whatever you’re doing.

Personally, I found having interests outside of the course was important, not only as a break from study, but also to help inform future design work.

What do you love about the design scene in your city and what companies are on your dream list to work or collaborate with?

Melbourne has a lot of really great young design talent and studios that push the boundaries with aesthetics and ideas. I appreciate that there are always events related to design, arts and culture and that the impact of design can be seen throughout the city.

I’d love to collaborate with as many people as I can! I really love music and cinema so a dream client would be someone in those fields (what’s up David Lynch?). As far as my favourite design studios go I’ve always loved what MASH in Adelaide do, bringing together eclectic influences and making unique designs and experiences. I also love the work of CD & Co, Pop and Pac and Studio Round, how clean, beautiful and well considered everything they do is. Recently I’ve been interested in studios like Local Peoples that work for social change and focus on both research and design.

Where do you see your career in 5 years?

I’m not sure exactly, I know I’d like to try my hand at working in studios, freelancing and learning as much as I can from other creatives with the goal of starting my own studio someday.

Where to find Hamish:

Instagram: @hamish_jenkins

Website: hamishjenkinsdesign.com

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