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A big congrats to Erica Lee (, one of our 30 TDK Awards winners' for 2020. A RMIT graduate from Melbourne, their work was chosen by Paul McKie from in Brisbane: 'Love this! The beautifully jarring colour palette of ‘Psychedelic Lyric Bottles’ to the fresh colours of ‘Pinch Sea Sat. I can’t decide if my favourite project of Erica’s was ‘Goodnight’ or ‘Ctrl Z’ — the font choices, imagery, type treatments and layout in both were so damn nice! Every aspect of every project feels considered and thought out — extra points for putting in great intro’s and image credit!'⁠ We asked Erica to answer a few questions for next years TDK Awards hopefuls.

What do you wish you’d known now when you started your design course?

That there is so much more to design than just creating logos or making things look pretty!

What originally lead you in to design, and how has that changed - what do you want to do/are doing now?

I had always been quite a creative person since young - I loved to draw, write and doodle in my sketchbook, however I was really only introduced to design by my older sister, who is a graphic designer as well. Growing up I was always interested in the projects she would be working on, so I decided to give VISCOM a shot in high school and went on to study it in uni as well, and I ended up falling in love with design myself. Since early this year I have very luckily managed to get a full-time position at LBD Studios in Melbourne which has been a really rewarding experience. I have learnt so much not only about design but also dealing with clients and production, and I want to keep expanding upon my skill sets and absorb as much knowledge/experience as I can!

Design work by Erica Lee The Design Kids interviews Erica Lee work-2

Any hot tips for getting ahead at uni?

1. Be open to collaboration and feedback. Listen to what your lecturers and peers have to say about your work and take this advice as an opportunity to improve and become a better designer. 2. See each project as a possibility to experiment and try something new. While in uni you have the freedom of relatively open briefs with hypothetical clients which allows you to be more creative - so why not make something as conceptually interesting as can be? Experiment, push the boundaries and make mistakes while you have the safety net to do so, and of course have fun in the process! 3. Keep good relations with your lecturers. A lot of them are a part of/have had experience in the industry, and can help recommend you for jobs and opportunities if they see potential in you. Show them how passionate/determined you are!

What do you love about the design scene in your city and what companies are on your dream list to work or collaborate with?

I admire how despite the challenges we’ve faced this year with COVID and isolation, the design community here in Melbourne has still kept very much alive and connected, especially through social media. There are so many great initiatives designers have put out there to support one another which is heart-warming! There are some great studios in Melbourne which I really admire and would love to work with one day – some of my favourites would have to be Pop & Pac, Confetti, Studio Brave, Studio Hiho and Never Now.

Design work by Erica Lee The Design Kids interviews Erica Lee work-4
Design work by Erica Lee The Design Kids interviews Erica Lee work-4

There’s so much to gain from your mistakes and failed experiments, and at the end of the day, you’re at uni to learn and grow through the process

Where do you see your career in 5 years?

In five years, I want to have a good bunch of brand identities as well as experience under my belt that I can be proud of. It would also be pretty cool to start my own studio eventually down the track, but I’m taking baby steps to develop the knowledge, skills and experience to get there!

2020 for you in a sentence

This year has been a big year of growth and learning for me – full of challenges and set-backs but at the end of the day I am grateful for how far I’ve come and what’s next!

Design work by Erica Lee The Design Kids interviews Erica Lee work-6
Design work by Erica Lee The Design Kids interviews Erica Lee work-6

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