Deane Featonby

Originally a Perth boy, Deane moved to Brisbane to complete his design studies and just graduated this month. He's a great designer, but his passion lies in typography. You can find Deane at all Brisbane based design events, exhibitions or conferences, he's the keenest person we know! We got to work with him in Threesome and have since taken him on as our Brisbane contributor. Legend!

What have been some of your biggest highlights so far?

The biggest highlights for me were just getting out there and going to the various conferences and events. In particular, Analogue / Digital. The whole experience was rad and inclusive, from pre-party at Just Face It with live art from the speakers. The master classes with Bec Winnell and Kevin Finn, The two days of the conference. Askew was the highlight for me, so inspiring and relatable, alot of people that influenced me from New Zealand, he was a part of. To the after party catching up with the speakers in a totally humble environment, and seeing the final pieces from the artists (That Numskull, Beastman and Rone piece). Bring on AD2014.

What was your 'break out' opportunity?

Threesome! And I'm not just saying that because it was a TDK initiative! It was my first real exposure outside of the classroom. I felt a part of the community I'd love to be in and got to meet lots of cool people. In particular Frankie - her encouragement solidifed my love of type and I had someone to hang out with in Melbourne at Agideas after party! Not to mention the opportunites that lead from there: Being part of the TDK team, and volunteering at Semi Permanent where I got to draw letters with Seb Lester. Get involved! You never know where it will lead.

Design work by Deane Featonby The Design Kids interviews Deane Featonby work-2

What's been your biggest accomplishment this year?

Finishing my portfolio would have to be up there. It seemed impossible, even though I knew it was coming,  even pondered on it for the past year, thinking I was prepared. I wasn't. Every time I tried tackling it at different angles seemed to take ten steps more to get to where I wanted to be. I finished it though and I think it had to be that way, and every little thing I did throughout study and on the side just gelled into that moment. I couldn't have done it without the various friends, family that put up with me through that process.

What's on the horizon?

I'm looking forward to 2014 because I begin my graphic design internship with the Queensland Rugby Union. I couldn't have chosen a more perfect role since I am passionate about rugby + design (I didn't even think it existed)! It's true what they say about the good jobs are word of mouth. The events that lead to the email, were a mix of conferences, and just getting to know and being involved in the industry. Talk to people, they're just as passionate about design and even the most prolific designer had to started somewhere!

Design work by Deane Featonby The Design Kids interviews Deane Featonby work-4
Design work by Deane Featonby The Design Kids interviews Deane Featonby work-4

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