Featured Graduates

Bianca Cash

May 2014

 29,368 people follow this lady on instagram! Yes, we're finally interviewing the one and only Bianca Cash.  In 2013 TDK set Bianca up to work with Melbourne's Studio Pennant for their THREESOME exhibition, she later continued to collaborate with them on a side project. Bianca is a lover of type,  photography, travel and runs a series of blogs.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where did you study? When did you realise you loved type?

I have tried to answer this question a few times and am totally struggling! Haha. I’m 27. I really didn’t like high school and didn’t really want to go to Uni so I worked in non profits for a few years in admin and fundraising. I always loved art and design but the thought of studying terrified me. Then a friend took me along to a Swinburne open day and said that I really needed to study Graphic Design. And I did. I finished last year and since then got into third year Communication and Design and have deferred.

I think I first really discovered my love for type, when I bought my first Hoefler & Frere-Jones typefacea few years ago in 2009, and it just went from there. I’ve always loved handwritten type but I only started doing it myself in my first year at Swinburne in 2012.

You currently have 29,368 follows on instagram WHOWA! Tell us about that. How did you get so many followers? Any advice for creatives who would like more followers?

Haha! Thanks. I was featured as a ‘suggested user last year'. Instagram is such a wonderful community. I have met so many awesome people through Instagram from all over the world. I definitely think it’s really important to converse with your followers. I also think it helps to be consistent within your feed and not post a zillion photos everyday.

You were part of TDK THREESOME show, tell us, how was working with the former Happy Studio (now Pennant)? What did you get out of it?

It was great working with Spencer and Scott from Studio Pennant and also Kate Pullen. I hadn’t really met many Melbourne designers before so it was great collaborating with three really talented designers. I’ve also had the chance to collaborate with Pennant on a job since then. So definitely got a lot out of Threesome. Thanks guys!

We love your 15 tips for the creative freelancer’. Regarding Tip #9 ’Do not work for free. Ever.’ How do you feel about internships?

Thanks so much :) I wrote it about a year ago and have learnt so much more since then. I did an internship last year and wasn’t paid. I’m really glad I did it though and would really recommend students doing placement or internship even if not paid. But when I see studios advertising for internships and it’s paid.. I think that’s pretty bloody awesome - designers supporting designers. And I have to be honest and say that I still do some things for free but it has to feel right.

What’s your blog ‘Tea and Toast’ all about? Tell us about the collaborative process involved?

Tea and Toastis a little blog that I started with an American film photographer (Leslie Rhodes) a couple of years back. I met Les through Twitter and we started talking on Skype and through emails and thought it would be fun to start a collaboration. It’s been really quiet on there for a few months with the busyness of life. But I really love how Twitter and other social networks like Instagram put you in touch with creatives from all over the world.

What are you working on at the moment?

I just got back from being overseas for two and half months. I worked as a photographer for a school in Tanzania, East Africa, called the School of St Jude. I’d really love to go back but there for now I’m in Melbourne and currently working on a few logo projects, editing photography gigs and working on expanding my online print store.

Whats on the horizon?

Once I have finished with a Bachelor degree, I’d really love to work for a studio. I love freelancing but it would be sweet to work in team and learn from some pros who have been in the industry for a while.  I’d also love to throw in lots more travel - while being away I didn’t do any design/type work - just photography. I really craved design projects and wrote down little ideas I’d love to start. I love the inspiration that travel throws at you.



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