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April 2017

We sat down with Collectivus Graphic Design Director and baking extraordinaire Bel Affran, to chat about design in all its forms. We talk dream clients and share our love for Brisbane; plus we get introduced to the whole team, their fancy titles and crazy cool skills!

Give us the elevator pitch on what you do.

Collectivus is a design studio focused on building brands – both graphically and physically with interiors. We focus on creating unique, collective experiences. Collectivus is made up of creative thinkers, branding experts, and multidisciplinary designers who have a real passion for building brands. Our aim is to help our clients build their businesses. We focus on market analysis and work with our clients to build lasting brands.

What qualities and skills to you look for in a graduate?

We look for graduates that show initiative but who also display innovative skills and who haven’t pigeon-holed their career direction already. Design trends/styles are always evolving, ever changing and moving so it’s nice to have a young designer who brings a fresh take on things but can adapt to current trends and help us to create new trends.

Who’s on the team, what are their roles and why do you love them?

Rachel – the glue that holds us all together, but technically our Design Practice Director with a love of good design...and wine
Michelle – Associate Interior Designer – our creative compass on beautifully designed spaces and design direction. Also an dedicated foodie.
Bel – Graphics Director – loves taking the interiors to new levels with added graphic elements and unique brands. – She can also bake!
Deb – Senior Interior Designer – confident and knowledgable designer bringing a level of expertise to the young team.
Henna – Scandi Interior designer – brings a sense of beauty in simplicity to the design team and cool outfits.
Nelson and Michael – 3D genius’ that bring our ideas to life!
Mikaela – Our Marketing Boss – connecting our brands and clients to the social media motorway
Katie – Graphic Designer – the one to watch as she’s always watching trends and pushing boundaries
Jackson – Graduate Graphic Designer – Bold, punchy graphics with photographic skills brings a fresh edge to our team.
Alex – Interior Designer – offers amazing support to our senior team in her documenting ability.
Bek – Interior Graduate Designer – currently learning her way into the industry.
We have a Melbourne based crew also who are an amazing support to the team

What career advice would you give your 16yr old self?

Look at a wide variety of influences. As a designer you don’t only have to be influenced by people in your field. Design is influenced by so many factors, fashion, nature, trends, art, world events – keep your eyes and your minds open to what happens around you as it will only make your designs stronger – more meaningful. Travel if you can, hold design reviews – get outsiders to give their perspective on your designs.

What is the design landscape like on your city and where do you fit in?

Brisbane is a bustling growing city of design.  There’s a huge movement here to create some great brands and spaces to rival what happens down south and we love that about our city. It’s grown up – but is ever-changing and we love being a part of that. Chains are rejected. The market demands originality.

Who would be the “dream client” that you would do anything to work for?

Can we have 2?!
Aesop – their innovative design direction to incorporate product sets them aside from other retailers. They are an internationally renowned Australian brand – something which we aspire to be.
Anthropologie – we love how their interiors are all so different but also fit into what we’ve come to expect from this fashion and home wares juggernaut. We love how their spaces draw you in and are always so creative and unexpected...but never overdone.






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