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Joakim Drescher

  • Graphic Novelist and artist, Joakim Drescher, wooed us in with his idiosyncratic style. Growing up in an artistic household had him exploring creative avenues from a young age—from art direc…

Via: Copenhagen


  • We get the pleasure of chatting with Chris Flack from Strategy. Chris is Design Director in the Christchurch office, he shared with us what Strategy looks for in a graduate, one of his favou…

Via: Christchurch


  • We chat with Upstatement Designer, Holly Copeland about NOT having a 5-year plan (🙌🏻), the fast-paced world of digital design and her childhood dog Trudy.

Via: Boston


  • We chat with Charles Miller of Platoon about his journey from high school to now; including the longwinded history between himself and Platoon co-founder/best friend Zach Janicello. Plus we …

Via: Nashville

Mariana A Miserável

  • We had a lovely chat with Freelance Illustrator Mariana A Miserável, about the important things in life often forgotten. We get into how a big part of learning is failing, how to deal with t…

Via: Porto

Isabel Lucena

  • We chat with Tutor and Graphic Designer Isabel Lucena about all things education and the handmade. Isabel jumped from city to city studying design and art before finally settling in Lisbon t…

Via: Lisbon

Identity Designed

  • We chat with the man behind a few of our favourite things aka. ID & Logo Design Love, David Airey about everything from Elon Musk to baby #2 entering the world. David has some of the best in…

Via: Belfast


  • We chat with the lovely Ana Abreu and Tiago Narciso of design studio Humana about their recent festival talks, their super cool project For Design and their love for the outdoors and a good …

Via: Lisbon

Gonçalo Duarte

  • We chat with illustrator and designer Gonçalo Duarte about freelancing, his top 5 Portuguese designers and his hidden screen printing talent!

Via: Lisbon


  • Counterpoint is edited by illustrator and printmaker Bethany Thompson and journalist Sam Bradley. They founded Counterpoint as an online project in 2013, and began printing as an independent…

Via: Edinburgh


  • Yassss Sydney! We chat with brand-spanking-new DesignStudio Sydney Creative Director, James Gilmore. James shares his journey and perspective on careers, Sydney's design scene, and the futur…

Via: Sydney

Nam Huynh

  • A big congrats to Nam Huynh, one of our 30 TDK Awards’ winners for 2018. A State Academy of Art and Design graduate from Stuttgart, his work was chosen by James & Beth from Warriors Studio: …

Via: Munich


  • We chat with San Francisco DesignStudio Design Director, Theresa Ma about everything from biology to Silicon Valley. Read on for an insight into Theresa's perspective on design and life and …

Via: San Francisco

C100 studio

  • We chat with C100 Studio Founder, Christian Hundertmark about his typical working day (which includes way too much non-design tasks), working hard (!!), and his fun art project, LAYER CAKE, …

Via: Munich

Sebastian Schwamm

  • We had a quick chat with freelance illustrator and all-around fun guy, Sebastian Schwamm about tractors, stealing ideas from little kids (hehe), and his time at NEON Magazine

Via: Munich

Atelier d'Alves

  • We talk with Sergio Alves from Atelier d'Avles about everything from animation and game design, to walks downtown, to the role of humans in an increasingly digital world. Put your intellectu…

Via: Porto

Ashley Ronning

  • We love Ashley Ronning and her honest, down to earth approach to design and life. We chatted about her lovely morning routine, why we should bin the word networking, finding your style, and …

Via: Melbourne


  • We ADORE Luisa & Walter (and new addition baby Eva) from LaTigre. We had a little chat with them both about the magic of ideas; simple but often forgotten advice (e.g. Inspiration comes from…

Via: Milan

Work Art Life Studio

  • We chat with Andrew Ashton, Creative Director at Work Art Life studios. Andrew spills all the ins and outs, secrets and tips from his 30 years in design and we love the perspective he brings…

Via: Melbourne

Sunday Best

  • We had a lovely chat with lovely couple Georgia and Logan, who've teamed up to work under the one name - Sunday Best. Specialising in hospitality branding we chat all things coffee, ramen, p…

Via: Auckland

Zoe Hu

  • A big congrats to Zoe Hu, one of our 30 TDK Awards’ winners for 2018. A Monash University graduate from Melbourne, their work was chosen by James & Beth from Warriors Studio: “Solid concepts…

Via: Melbourne

Moutaz K Maudy

  • Not fond on the first direction he chose for uni — Moutaz K Mundy changed paths from Information Technology to Graphic Design! Moutaz is a bit of a graphics wizard—currently working in the m…

Via: Cairo

Mostafa Abdelmawla

  • Mostafa Abdelmawla knew he was destined for a creative career! Challenging himself at the young age of 8—drawing comics, creating cards and testing out new techniques he discovered. After gr…

Via: Cairo

Kief Type Foundry

  • April 2008 when the activists in Egypt called for a general strike all over Egypt Mohamed Gaber—founder and type designer of Kief Type—created "Be with the Revolution" in arabic calligraphy,…

Via: Cairo


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