Tokyo's directory

We asked our community and we’ve collated a big list of everyone doing awesome stuff in Tokyo. Be sure to check them all out!

Design studios

Oryel Website

Park Website

Kamimura & Co Website / Twitter / Instagram

Maru Website / Instagram

Bento Website / Twitter

Good Design Company Website / Twitter

Desegno Website

White Website

NSSG Website / Instagram

Spread Website / Instagram

Airside Website / Twitter

Homunclus Website

Commune Website / Twitter / Instagram

Hiromura Design Office Website

Laboratories Website / Twitter

Uji Design Website

Suyana Design Website

Studio Kanna Website / Twitter

so+ba Website

Nakamuragraph Website / Twitter / Instagram

TSDO Website

THA Website

One Inc. Website

Noboru inc Website

KIGI Website

Draft Website

Artless Website / Twitter

Daikoku Design Institute Website

&Form Website / Instagram

Grooveisions Website / Twitter

All Right Graphics Website / Instagram

Party Website / Twitter / Instagram

Irobe Design Institute Website

Nippon Design Center Website / Twitter / Instagram

Samurai Inc Website / Twitter

WOW Website / Twitter / Instagram

Doppo Website

Shinmura Design Office Website

Warp Japan Website / Twitter

Schools, colleges and universities

Tokyo Polytechnic Website / Twitter

Tokyo University of the Arts Website

Joshibi University of Art and Design Website

Tama Art University Website

Tokyo Zokei University Website / Twitter / Instagram

Musashino Art University Website

Keio University Website / Twitter / Instagram



Taro Uryu Website / Twitter / Instagram

Sumer House Website / Instagram

Wakana Yamazaki Website / Twitter / Instagram

Okamurayuta Works Website / Instagram

Haruna Kawai Website / Instagram

Kyle Stecker Website / Instagram

Hisashi Okawa Website / Instagram

Yu Nagaba Website / Twitter / Instagram

Hiroyuki Ishii Website / Instagram

Kanae Sato Website

Yukari Miyagi Website / Instagram

Sawako Kabuki Website / Twitter / Instagram

Organisations we love


Dento House Website

JAGDA Website

Tokyo ADC Website

Tokyo Copywriters Club Website

Japan Designers Website

Tokyo Illustrators Society Website / Twitter / Instagram

D-LAND Website

Partner Website

Design Hub Website / Twitter


Design Made in Japan Website


Asuka Watanabe Website / Twitter

Tadashi Ueda Website / Twitter

Hagihara Takuya Website / Instagram

Toru Kase Website / Twitter

Okuyama Taiki Website / Twitter

Hello Sandwich Website

Yutaka Satoh Website / Instagram


Yayoi Kusama Museum Website

Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo Website / Twitter

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