Perth's directory

We asked our community and we’ve collated a big list of everyone doing awesome stuff in Perth. Be sure to check them all out!

Design studios

Studio Robot Website

Turner Design Website

Zebra Website / Instagram

Public Creative Website / Instagram

Monk Media Website / Instagram

Layton Webber Website / Instagram

Bento Box Studio Website / Instagram

Dipesh ‘peche’ Prasad/ Instagram

Wren Design Studio Website

Gabi Fountain Website / Instagram

Three First Names/ Instagram

Benson Design Website / Instagram

The Freedom Foundry Website

The Cut Website / Twitter

The Mad Empire Website / Instagram

Block Branding Website / Instagram

Humaan Website / Instagram

OneTrickPony Website

Nude Design Studio Website / Twitter / Instagram

Michelle Leslie Website / Twitter / Instagram

Lost & Found Website / Twitter

TwofromTwo Website / Instagram

Juicebox Website / Twitter / Instagram

Highscore Creative Website

Design Co-operative Website

Corey James Website / Instagram

Chil3 Website / Instagram

Schools, colleges and universities

Curtin University Website / Twitter / Instagram

Central Institute of Technology Website

Edith Cowan University Website / Twitter

Qantm Perth Website / Twitter / Instagram

Murdoch Institute of Technology Website / Twitter / Instagram

Notre Dam Website / Twitter / Instagram

Sterling Business College Website

UWA Website / Twitter / Instagram


Brook Wells Website / Twitter / Instagram

Chris Nixon Website / Instagram

Organisations we love

AGDA WA Website

Bloom Website / Twitter / Instagram

The Perth Collective Website / Instagram

Local Host Website / Twitter

Guerrilla Establishment Website / Instagram

Type Club WA Website / Instagram

Creative Spaces Website / Instagram

Perth Advertising Club Website / Twitter / Instagram

Creative Mornings Perth Website

Galleries and Event Spaces

Paper Mountain Website / Instagram

Kurb Gallery Website

Free Range Gallery Website

Little Wing Corner Gallery Website

Outre Gallery Website

PS Art Space (PSAS) Website

Venn Gallery Website

The Grey Gallery Website

Tu Stairwell Gallery Website


Soggybones Website

Detail Website


The Butcher Shop Website

Mixin Conference Website

Emergence Creative Website / Instagram

Co-Working Spaces

Subi Space Website

Perth Device Lab Website / Twitter

fSpace Website / Twitter

Spacecubed Website / Instagram

CBDC Website / Instagram

Design Blogs

On William Website

Urban Walkabout Website


Jarrad Burley Website

Run The Type Website / Instagram

The Articulate/ Instagram

Matthew Wong Website / Instagram

Studio Papa Website / Twitter / Instagram

Teresa Watts Website / Instagram


Shay Colley Website

Tim Meakins Website / Instagram

Megan Isabella Website / Instagram

Sofia Varano Website

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