Kansas City's directory

We asked our community and we’ve collated a big list of everyone doing awesome stuff in Kansas City. Be sure to check them all out!

Design studios

Carpenter Collective Website

Contrabrand Website

DMH Advertising Website

Dustin Williams Website

Hallmark Website

Whiskey Design Website

Willoughby Design Website / Twitter

Design Ranch Website / Instagram

Special Edition Co. Website / Instagram

Schools, colleges and universities

Kansas City Art Institue Website / Twitter / Instagram

Wichita State University Website

Kansas City Kansas Community College Website

The University of Kansas Website


John F Malta Website / Instagram

Livy Long Website / Instagram

Lynn Giunta Website / Instagram

Catcoq Website

Elizabeth Baddeley Website / Twitter / Instagram

Organisations we love

AIGA Website / Twitter / Instagram

Creative Mornings Website / Twitter / Instagram

Made in The Middle Website / Twitter / Instagram

Galleries and Event Spaces

Blue Gallery Website

Mattie Rhodes Art Website

Nelson Atkins Museum Of Art Website / Twitter


Kansas City Design Week Website

Made In The Middle Creative Conference Website / Twitter / Instagram


Amber Goodvin Website / Instagram

Lila Symons Website / Instagram

Coworking Spaces

Plexpod Website / Twitter / Instagram

Village Square Coworking Website / Twitter


Maggie Witherow Website / Instagram

Lauren Hakmiller Website / Instagram


Hammer Press Website / Twitter / Instagram

Vahalla Studios Website / Twitter / Instagram


Ampersand Design Studio Website / Twitter / Instagram

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