Cairo's directory

We asked our community and we’ve collated a big list of everyone doing awesome stuff in Cairo. Be sure to check them all out!

Design studios

Equinox Website / Instagram

Muhammad ELMahdy Website / Instagram

Ramy Creative Website / Instagram

Mostafa Abdelmawla (FP7) Website / Twitter / Instagram

Shoair Studio Website / Instagram

Almaktb Studio/ Twitter / Instagram

Rush Studio Website / Instagram

Umbrella Communication Website / Twitter / Instagram

The Brand Bees Website / Twitter / Instagram

Qabila Website / Twitter / Instagram

Seeds Agency Website

Tandem Branding Website / Instagram

Shayma Ezzeldin Website / Instagram

Ramy Komar/ Instagram

Gendy Mohammad Website

Schools, colleges and universities

Nayzak School Website


Shaza Shabana Website

Amr Adel Website / Instagram

Twins Cartoon Website

Moutaz K. Maudy Website / Twitter / Instagram


Cairo Comix Website / Twitter


Kief Type Website / Twitter / Instagram

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