Atlanta's directory

We asked our community and we’ve collated a big list of everyone doing awesome stuff in Atlanta. Be sure to check them all out!

Design studios

Field UX Website / Twitter

Hilo press Website

Henry + co Website

Treebird Branding Website / Twitter / Instagram

Station 16 Website / Twitter / Instagram

Son&Sons Website / Twitter / Instagram

Studio Wade Website

Rogers Eckersley Design Website / Twitter

Rhyme and Reason Website / Twitter

Resource Branding & Design Website / Instagram

Nine Labs Website

RED Website

PRISK Website / Instagram

Polar Notion Website

Office of Brothers Website / Twitter

Blueprint Digital Website

Nimble. Website / Instagram

Max Media Website / Instagram

Maven Website

Matchstic Website / Twitter / Instagram

Mailchimp Website

Made by Allies Website

Liz Shinn and Mike Rivera Website

Green Olive Media Website / Instagram

Flags of Origin Website

Everyday Industries Website / Twitter

Edgar Allen Website

Brothers Website

Brand Bird Website / Instagram

Schools, colleges and universities

SCAD Website / Twitter / Instagram

Georgia Gwinnett College Website

UT Website

Portfolio Center Website

Creative Circus Website

Miami Ad School Website / Instagram


Russell Shaw Design Website / Twitter / Instagram

Greg Mike Website / Twitter / Instagram

Katrin Wiehle Website

Mike Lowery Website

Sarah Neuburger Website

Preston Attebery Website / Instagram

Lindsay Ryden Website

Organisations we love

Dope Girls Zine Website / Twitter / Instagram

Creative Mornings Atlanta Website / Twitter / Instagram

AIGA Atlanta Website / Twitter / Instagram

The Goat Farm Arts Center Website

Galleries and Event Spaces

Kai Lin Gallery Website

Paper Ghost Studio Website

ABV Website

MODA Website


Dear Elouise Website / Instagram

Wells Collins Website

Co-Working Spaces

Switchyards Website

Mass Collective Website


Staci Janik Website / Twitter / Instagram

Sarah Lawrence Website / Twitter

Dave Ranney Website

Brent Ellis Website

Alan Crissey Website / Twitter

Allen Gaoiran Website

Ariana Rivera Website / Instagram

Jade Carter Website

Jonathan Lawrence Website

Laura Capps Website

Mattiel Brown Website

Melanie Crissey Website

Nicky Riale Website

Nicholas Beaty Website / Twitter / Instagram


Creative South Podcast Website / Twitter / Instagram

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