Antwerp's directory

We asked our community and we’ve collated a big list of everyone doing awesome stuff in Antwerp. Be sure to check them all out!

Design studios

Catapult Website

Ines Cox Website / Instagram

Jan & Randoald Website

Lunar Gravity Website / Twitter / Instagram

Mirror Mirror Website / Twitter / Instagram

Mr Henry Website

Studio Studio Website

Super Machine Website / Twitter

Uber and Kosher Website / Instagram

Vrints-Kolsteren Website / Instagram

Walkie Talkie Website / Twitter / Instagram

Pinkeye Website

Indianen Website

Flink Website

Schools, colleges and universities

Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp Website / Instagram

Heaven Can Wait Website / Twitter

ST Lucas School of Arts Antwerp Website / Instagram

Organisations we love

Flanders DC Website / Twitter / Instagram

Lets Think Design Website

Lets Talk Design Website

Creative Network Website / Twitter / Instagram

Galleries and Event Spaces

Design Museum Gent Website / Twitter / Instagram

M HKA Website

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