Want to be featured?

If you’re after an IG shout-out, simply tag us on Instagram @thedesignkids #TDKpeepshow – we pick one a day to feature. If you’de like a full interview on the site, just pop your details in the ‘Get Featured’ link in the footer. We review this monthly and update our directories from our interview list.

You want to advertise a job?

We’d love that! Advertise a design position, internship or freelance work on our site, and we will feature you on our site for 3 weeks, with an option to feature it across all of our social media channels too.

Want us to promote your design event?

We’re a huge fan of sharing the love, so yes, if its design related lets share it! Best thing to do is head over to the Facebook page for that city and post it in there yourself : ) Simply search [The Design Kids ‘Your City’] on Facebook.

Want to partner with TDK?

Send Thiago an email at [email protected] — we would love to chat further! We also do sponsored Instagram posts for a flat rate of $500 if you’re keen just talk to T!

Email T

You want to be a City Host?

Yay! We love you already. You can fill in your details here and we’ll review each quarter.

You would like TDK to give a guest lecture or workshop

Sounds great! Frankie, our Founder and Creative Director offers in person workshops, and guest lectures, and is always open to more speaking opportunities.

Email F

Need to know something locally?

Because we’re a community, the best thing for you to do is ask others in the community. Connect with local designers and ask them a question instead.

via your local Facebook group

If we didn’t answer your question in the FAQ’s, AND your local community can’t answer it, you can email us here: [email protected]. We are only 2 people manning emails so please be patient with us : )

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