Young Balkan Designers 2019: Circular Design

The Young Balkan Designers talent platform is hosting its design competition for 2019 on the theme: Circular Design, and invites young designers on the Balkans to participate. The call is open for design projects − products, concepts, services and scenarios that can bring the Balkans to the forefront of a much needed paradigm shift in design, production and consumption. Young designers are challenged to get familiar with the basics of circular economy and explore possibilities of innovative design approach enhancing circularity of product, materials, services and concepts. Between 30 and 40 selected projects will participate in the Talent Exhibition at Mikser Festival 2019 festival, scheduled for 24th–26th May 2019 in Lower Dorćol, Belgrade, Serbia. There will also be a touring exhibition in the region and it will include 10 to 15 selected projects.

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