Mad Hatter Cocktail Co

A fantastic opportunity to showcase your creative skills by designing a the can artwork and design for our soon to be released Can Cocktails. We love the look of Juneshine Hard Kombucha Cans. The design can be any shape or size but needs to fit on a 330ml Aluminium can and include Mad Hatter on the front of the label. Some of the products include: Elderflower Spritz, Gin Spritz, Dark & Stormy, Mojito, Negroni, Cosmopolitan, Espresso Martini or Pornstar Martini on it. The label will be used for our canned products we will release into the market to both on-premise venues and retailers. All entries must be submitted before the 30th July. The Winners will take home these amazing prizes! WINE! A quarterly dozen of our wines for a year COCKTAILS! 1 Case of the canned cocktail you design FAME! Mad Hatter will use your label on its first release canned cocktail STAY! A weekend away at our Airbnb in Orange NSW CASH! A Cash Prize of $200 will be awarded to the winner.

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