Illustrated Silent Book Contest 2021

The town of Mulazzo and the International Organisation of Book Towns present the sixth edition of the International Illustrated Silent Book Contest expressly dedicated to silent books, that is, illustrated books without words . Given that the illustrated book and the visual language of illustrations and pictures are in no way secondary to written language, with a universal power and potential that supersedes any barrier of language or genre, the Silent Book Contest invites authors and illustrators to think up and design a book conceived exclusively for the telling of a story through illustrated images, on any subject and intended for a wide and diverse section of the reading public, regardless of genre or age. For each book project sent to the competition, a complete layout should be created. The layout must be a single digital file, exclusively in high-quality PDF format. Entry fee is 50 Euro (approx. 59 USD) for each book project (a maximum of three book projects per single author is permitted) . Eligibility Open to all illustrators with new book project of any nationality, place of birth or residence, provided that they are over the age of 18 on the 15th February 2021 . Prize The winner will receive an award of 4.000 EUR (approx. 4,710 USD) as an advance against royalties and a publishing agreement according to international standards. The winning book project will be published by Carthusia Edizioni .

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