Hiiibrand Awards 2020

Hiiibrand Awards 2020, The 11th Hiiibrand International Brand Design Award officially launched on December 4, 2020 for three months. Hiiibrand Awards 2020 has two levels, Professional and Student, each is set up with three categories - Identity, Logo and Packaging. Anyone who uploads their works to www.hiiibrand.com will be considered as a participant of the award. All submitted entries will be exhibited on this site page with necessary annotations during the award. Globally renowned veteran designers will work as judges for the competition and fairly select winners for various prizes, including Grand Prix, Jury Award, Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards, and Merit Award. The judges of this competition are equally strong (ranking in no order): Sagi Haviv(USA), Michael Johnson(UK), Norito Shinmura(Japan), Jennifer Kinon(USA), Alan Chan(Hong Kong, China). Enty fees for professionals starts from $24 USD and depends of the submitted category. Students entry starts from $12 USD and also depends of the submitted category. Each delegation of school or teacher that submit more than 10 works will have an extra discount of 20%.

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