GreenerRoadshows Illustration

At Mediatree, we believe there is enormous potential for our industry to improve its environmental standing and to mitigate and offset its impacts. GreenerRoadshows was created to address negative externalities caused by the company and remains at the heart of our sustainable actions. A GreenerRoadshow TM is a roadshow or financial event (Investor Day, CMD, Results Presentation etc.) in which we team up with our client to mitigate the negative externalities of the IR activity as much as possible and then offset the remainder; the unavoidable damaging impact that IR activities have on the environment. We want to go further than this and share our passion for sustainability with our industry and beyond. The Zero Hero Contest is a competition to engage with the wider sustainability community and the arts industry, two circles which may not always overlap. You may not necessarily be a designer but if you share our passion to create positive environmental change and have a great idea, please feel encouraged to enter the competition. For this competition, you need to design a character that represents what we do at GreenerRoadshows. The character will be an identity for sustainability and a champion for net zero emissions. This competition is a chance for you to showcase your talent and ability, let your imagination run wild!

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