D’source Corona Design Challenge

IDC School of Design at IIT Bombay is initiating a Design Challenge on finding solutions for the Corona Virus Pandemic. This challenge is open to Students, Recent Graduates or Young Designers from around the World. This is a free design challenge where the solutions will be made available on an open platform for anyone to use. We sincerely seek your help and support to reach our announcement/call to the media through your publications. The link to the webspace with details of the design challenge is at http://dsource.in/dportal/dcdc2020/ The link to the visuals for banners, etc. are at http://dsource.in/dportal/dcdc2020/submissions/downloads/ Do let us know if you any further information. You can reach us on +91 9819170809 or +91 9820295540 Do take care and with kind regards, Ravi Poovaiah Faculty, IDC School of Design

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