Digitarasa – A Food Accelerator Branding

Digitarasa is a food accelerator program based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Digitarasa aims to help and accelerate the growth of culinary/F&B businesses by maximizing the potential of their products to be better prepared in the market. Digitarasa also assists food business expansions, refining product concepts, providing mentoring programs and also opportunities for investment. The identity was mainly inspired by the idea of ‘Rocket’, “Food & Beverage’, and ‘Acceleration’. A rocket is widely recognized as a symbol of speed, maximization and acceleration, thus those characteristics are what is intended to be expressed in the design of the logo. The identity showcased features a fork that is twisted to metaphorically represent a rocket ship blasting off. It is then accompanied with graphic and illustrative elements to convey the brand’s food accelerator theme and bring out the warmth, determination, boldness and also contemporary feel of the brand identity. The identity system was meant to echo Digitarasa’s determination to accelerate and maximize Food & Beverage brands to their full potential.

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