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Lee McConnell

Lee McConnell has your dream job… MAMBO! Bright colours, true-blue aesthetics and tongue-in-cheek humour, Lee has originality whilst still remaining...

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Jonathan Key

Jonathan is a very talented fellow who was apart of our Threesome Sydney show with Gabby Lord and Gemma O’Brien...

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Hoyne Design

The line up for Emergence Creative Festival so far this year is incredible! Google Creative Chief Dave Bowman, Mamamia alumni...

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Garbett Design

We caught up with Paul Garbett from Garbett Design. His words of wisdom include; ‘there are no bad outcomes, only judgements’,  ‘be...

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With apartments and high-rises popping up all over the skyline, demand for environmental and wayfinding graphic designers has never been...

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Melissa Baillache

We chat with Melissa Baillache a recent grad from Tractor in Sydney. Melissa was on our 15 to watch for 2015 list...

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Semi Permanent ’16

Casey Schuurman was our lucky winner of our FREE ticket to the esteemed creative conference this year – Semi Permanent. Casey gives us some...

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We talked to Senior Designer and Creative Director of RE, Sam Byrnes and Jason Little. RE is the Sydney-based Brand...

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Meet Sarah, your Sydney host!

Ahoy! I'm Sarah and I'm a graphic designer and web developer currently based on the Central Coast. I love social enterprise, picking people's brains, being a bit of a derp, learning new things and especially being part of the TDK family. The amazing people the come along each month to our #TDKtuesdays Sydney events inspire me in endless ways!


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