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Benjamin Smith

Soon to be Billy Blue Graduate, Benjamin Smith, has some pretty sweet insider tips for students. He stresses the importance of...

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We managed to corner the awesome Ben Miles, Creative Director at Interbrand to hear about his career, UK pubs, the...

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Universal Favourite

Dari Israelstam, Creative Director and Founder of Universal Favourite starts his day with a podcast on the bus to Darlinghurst...

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Philly Smirk Design

Freelance Graphic Designer, Philly Smirk, was almost a lawyer. After 3 years into a law degree, and feeling very unenthusiastic...

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MIMI Speakers

The line up for MAKEit MADEit this year is WONDERFUL! Emily Devers, Lucas Grogan, Sha’an D’Anthes; the list goes on!...

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General Assembly

We’ve always wondering what crazy workings are going on behind the closed doors of General Assembly. For one, did you...

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Smack Bang Designs

We chat with girl boss Tess Robinson from Smack Bang Designs about her day-to-day and the 14 caffeine-high crazies in...

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Something Creative Co

We chat with one of our fave Sydney pals, Creative Director Jarmaine Stojanovic at Something Creative Co to get the...

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October 3, 2023

Meet your Sydney hosts

Meet Grayson

Hello! I'm Grayson, a multi-discipline designer working full time in agency land. I've worked across Australia and New Zealand in branding and art direction projects from local cafes to international banks. I love learning new ways of expanding my creative toolkit and sharing that wisdom pie with like-minded peps.


Meet Sarah

Ahoy! I'm Sarah and I'm a digital designer and web developer currently based on the Central Coast. I love social enterprise, picking people's brains, being a bit of a derp, learning new things and especially being part of the TDK family. The amazing people the come along each month to our #TDKtuesdays Sydney events inspire me in endless ways!


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Enter the TDK awards

Annual awards for students and grads (free to enter) to celebrate emerging graphic design talent from around the world, chosen by top studios! November each year.

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Show off your work

At TDK we are all about supporting emerging talent and helping you get seen! Simply tag #TDKpeepshow on Instagram for clients browsing designers.

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Top 10 tips for getting a job + more!

Our ultimate guides for your career, from pimping your resume, getting the right folio together or how to get hired. It's all there for you!

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Job titles

The design industry is super confusing when you start out, hearing all these job titles thrown about. What roles do you suit and apply for? Read on to find out!

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Sydney's design directory

We asked our community and we’ve collated a big list of everyone doing awesome stuff in Sydney. Be sure to check them all out!

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Derringer Pty Ltd
Junior Graphic Designer
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Hanes Brands
Graphic Designer
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Tattoora Pty Ltd
Graphic Designer and Illustrator
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Graphic Designer
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